Burtons Moreton

Steve Smith in the Blue and Me marching past the Burtons Site

This morning, along with the Leader of the Council, Cllr Jeff Green and my colleagues, Cllr Steve Williams, Cllr Ian Lewis and Steve Smith we joined up with around 500 others to march in support of saving the 342 jobs that are under threat at the Burtons site on Pasture Road.    

I used to work at this site, both for Cadbury’s, and in G Block for Tulip International (formerly known as Jaka Foods), and I met my wife in the cakes department, so as well as living in Moreton, and being fortunate enough to be a Councillor for Moreton and Saughall Massie I have a long association and affinity with this site, and will do all I can to help save these jobs and protect this site as a manufacturing site.

I was though, disappointed with the behaviour of a few of the marchers who verbally attacked us calling us scum and chanting Tories off the March.    These are clearly quite sad moronic individuals who had obviously lost site of why we were there.   This is not about party politics, it is about coming together and showing unity to try to save these jobs.   I suppose as they grow up they will learn!

2011 Census

Census day for 2011 is 27 March.   The census is taken under the provisions of the Census Act 1920 and it is compulsory to fully complete and return a census questionnaire.      Each Area has been allocated a Community Advisor whose job it is to try to get the message out loud and clear and to deal with any issues/questions the public may have.

To that end, the Birds and Trees Reidents Association at their meeting on Monday 28th February at St Mary’s Church Centre on Saughall Massie Road will be given a presentation by our Communty Advisor.   The meeting starts at 6:45pm and ends by 8pm latest and all our welcome if they want to find out more about the census.    I will be there and hope to see lots of residents.  

Census questionnaires will be posted out to householders from 7th March and for the first time questionnaires can be completed online, or you can use the traditional method and return in the mail using the prepaid envelope.   If you need a hand with the forms then fromk the 4th March you can call the helpline on 0300 0201 101, if you have hearing impairments call 18001 0300 0201 160 or online at www.census.gov.uk

A Great Night for Wirral

Last night, in my capacity as Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety I attended Wirral Cabinets Budget Meeting.    As well as saving over £50 million since taking over the administration in conjunction with the Liberal Democrats in May 2010, last night the Cabinet announced that there would be no increase in Council Tax as well as making huge investments in services, to all areas of the Council.

Clearly I was delighted that £290,000 has been put into the budget to protect Wirral’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team, a team that delivers tremendous services and is proactive in dealing with the miscreants who unchecked can make life hell for residents of Wirral, I was also pleased that monitoring of day time CCTV is to be reintroduced at a cost of £50,000.  When the previous Labour-Led administration scrapped this it was me who led the opposition, its been three or four years but its back.   £500,000 has been put into dealing with domestic violence, as well as money for Trading Standards to continue its work in dealing with under age sales of alcohol, as well as further investment in the dog fouling team.

Money has also been invested in Childrens Services, Adult Social Services, Sure Start, provision of free parking, play area cleanups, local businesses, jobs and apprenticeships etc.     Well done to everyone who played their part in putting this together, it truly was a budget that the residents told us they wanted in their response to the massive ‘Your Wirral’ consultation.     Wirral is leading the way!

Council Tax Frozen in Wirral

Wirral’s Conservative led Cabinet has tonight (Monday) announced plans that will see Council Tax frozen, support for the ‘Big Society’ enhanced and extra cash invested in services such as Sure Start, libraries and supporting employers to create new jobs.    At the same time, the number of senior managers has been cut by a quarter, a reduction in the amount spent on consultants and additional savings identified during the Council’s biggest-ever consultation, ‘Wirral’s Future’.   The freeze in the Borough’s Council Tax also maintains the discount for residents aged over 75, in recognition of the impact the tax has on those with fixed incomes.

Sure Start, Safe with Conservatives

Last April just before the elections, I (and many other Conservative Councillors) were being asked whether Sure Start was safe if we were elected, of course we said.

But why were people asking?   Well that’s simple.    Labour used smear and fear tactics, distributing letters such as this one saying that Sure Start wasn’t safe.  You’ll see the person behind the letter (in the small print on the left)  is one of the Labour Councillor’s for Leasowe.

So, what’s happened?  Labour-led Liverpool is looking to close four Sure Start centres.  Conservative-led Wirral is not, and at tonight’s budget Cabinet meeting  Wirral’s Cabinet enhanced the Sure Start service with a huge £732,000 investment for the next 12 months.       More on Wirral’s budget tomorrow

Huge Opposition to Telephone Mast Application!

Readers of the blog and the wider community will be aware of the planning application submitted by Mono Consultants on behalf of O2 and Vodafone for a 15 metre mast, cabinet and ancillary equipment on the pavement in Holt Avenue, close to the junction with Hoylake Road.  

As well as residents submitting letters of objection, I have today submitted (electronically) a petition to Wirral’s Planning Department with over 200 signatures from 184 households all objecting to the application.   

It’s not too late for you to object you have right up to the day of the likely committee hearing which is the 8th March.     You can do that by contacting Wirral’s Planning Department at Cheshire Lines Building Canning Street, Birkenhead or via email by clicking HERE.    Please ensure you quote the application number, ANT/11/00113

It’s All About Teamwork!

This morning, along with Conservative Councillors from Wallasey, Wirral West and Wirral South and activists we were out delivering the lateset edition Newsline in Bebington.  Altogether over 30 people turned up to help.     I went out with the team from Wallasey, Cllr Lesley Rennie, Cllr Ian Lewis, Cllr Paul Hayes, Cllr Denis Knowles and Leah Fraser and between us we delivered to over 800 homes.   Afterwards it was back to the Acorn Pub for a rest and a welcome coffee!     Team two I understand is out this afternoon, mopping up.