Taxi for Merseytravel!

That will be £183.80 – Yeh, but who is paying for it?    Readers of the blog will be aware of the Mersey Tunnels report which I blogged about yesterday.  In that posting I talked about the report being delayed.    Today I have discovered that the cost of getting that late report to the Members of the Authority was £183.80 in Taxi charges, is this what Merseytravel uses surplus tolls for?     

I find it an absolute insult that as well as wanting to put up the Tolls, because of the actions of the New Labour Chairman and Vice Chairman in delaying the report, the cost to the public purse is almost £200, if the papers had been sent out in time using Royal Mail the cost would have been £18.72.     You simply could not script it!    But then again after squandering £70 million on the failed tram scheme ‘Line One to Knowhere’  the authority has a history of wasting money!

Added 03 Feb.  I discovered today that the information given to me by an Officer of Merseytravel about the delay laying the blame at the door of the New Labour Chairman and Vice Chairman of Merseytravel was in fact not true, the delay was because of an Officers actions.    Based on that information I am happy to apologise to the  New Labour Chairman and Vice Chairman, however I can only print what I am told, and I have that information in writing!!!


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