Skipton Building Society

I was absolutely delighted to be asked to perform the official opening of the Skipton Building Society on Hoylake Road in Moreton on Friday 28th.

The Skipton is the UK’s fourth largest building society, with approximately 830,000 members, over £14bn of assets and a national presence represented by branches covering the country from Aberdeen to Plymouth.   

Last year when the Halifax announced it was closing its entire nine agency branches in Wirral, which of course included Moreton, many people, particularly the elderly and less mobile people were left isolated.   I was really pleased when the Skipton Building Society picked up the baton and took over the Halifax agency in Moreton, as well as the other eight agencies in Wirral.

I had no hesitation in transferring my Halifax account to the Skipton, apart from the fact the interest rate is better, I truly believe that local services should be provided for local people, the Skipton has done that, and at the same time secured the jobs of those staff who had been loyal to the Halifax.      I wish the Skipton a long and prosperous future in Moreton and the wider community.

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