Merseytravel Budget Meeting – Tunnel Tolls to Rise?

On Thursday this week 3rd February, the Merseyside Integrated Transport Authority (MITA) has its annual budget meeting.     

As part of that meeting there is a separate report on the Mersey Tunnel Tolls, and the papers always come out at the same time, however this year the Tunnels report was delayed, I am told because the New Labour Chairman and Vice Chairman had not signed it off?   

And I have to say I am not surprised they wanted to delay it, the recommendation calls for an increase in cash tolls of 10p on Class One (cars), 20p on class two, 30p on class three, and 40p on class four.   All of that will increase tunnels revenue by £1.86 million in the year, allowing the authority to transfer over £4million of surplus tolls from the tunnels to other schemes!

And it does not stop there….   No,the recommendation asks the Authority to consider removing the concessionary tolls given to people with disabilities?

Because of legalities about -pre-determination I can’t say publicly what my thoughts are or how I will vote on the recommendations on Thursday.   Suffice it to say I will listen to all the arguments for and against, however the arguments for will have to be pretty strong to convince me.      

Whilst I am talking about pre-determination, surely the New Labour Chairman and Vice Chairman who signed off the report have predetermined the recommendation and should take no active part in its discussion or vote?


6 thoughts on “Merseytravel Budget Meeting – Tunnel Tolls to Rise?

  1. Well is this another go at the motorist at local level? I think so, well so long as the Merseytravel gravy train keeps rolling. If I was a turkey I would feel that I may as well vote for Christmas! at least its 11 months away.

  2. Chris, can you help put the surplus in context….

    What would the tolls need to be if the tunnel was to to break even?
    How long a toll holiday would we get before the £4m was gone?

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