On the Campaign Trail

L to R: Danny Lee, Clare Worsnup, Esther McVey MP, Kashif Ali, Me, Andy Rimmer

Today, along with friends and colleagues, Esther McVey MP, Andy Rimmer, Clare Worsnup and Danny Lee.   We all travelled over to help the Conservative Candidate, Kashif Ali in his campaign to win next Thursday’s Bye-Election in Oldham East and Saddleworth.

I have to say I was very impressed with the amount of people who turned up to help Kashif, I don’t know the final numbers but I would estimate that up to 400 activists turned out, including huge numbers of MP’s to deliver leaflets and canvass, a truly amazing show of strength, and one which says to the press that we do expect to win on Thursday, and we are not holding back in favour of the Liberal Democrats.

Campaigning will continue until close of poll on Thursday 13th January, so if you can spare an hour or so I would urge you to get over there and help get Kashif elected.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and especially to the ‘Virgin’ campaigners, Andy, Clare and Danny.   Hey not everyone can have such a baptism of fire on the first outing!!

L to R: Me, Esther McVey MP, Neil, (Bosnian) Bob Stewart MP, Clare Worsnup, Andy Rimmer, Danny Lee at the Campaign Centre in Oldham

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