A Site Close To You!

No doubt, like me many households will have accrued lots of extra waste over the last couple of days and now have bulging grey and green bins.    And unfortunately because of the icy conditions bin crews cant get out into many of the areas particularly on estates where the road conditions are treacherous.     But don’t despair, following the successful temporary bin collection points at six sites in Wirral this week the Council has decided to roll out an extra four sites across the borough.    Ten sites will be available for people to use from Monday until at least Wednesday with extended opening hours (9am -2.30pm) – and wagons taking waste from both grey and green bins.

The collection points have been set up to enable people to get rid of their rubbish while bin collections are suspended because of the icy road conditions.    The new sites can be found at: 

Quarrybank Road car park Birkenhead, Coronation Park, Greasby, Woodchurch Leisure Centre, Seaview Road, Liscard (car park opposite Fairview Avenue), They are in addition to the existing sites at: Pye Road car park, Heswall,  Woodhead Street car park, New Ferry,    Allport Lane car park, Bromborough, Leasowe Common car park (where Pasture Road meets Leasowe Road),  Dee Lane car park, West Kirby, Fishers Lane, Pensby (by the community centre).

(The opening of all sites is weather dependent – please check www.wirral.gov.uk for the latest information).   Biffa crews will also empty bins from blocks of flats and homes on some primary routes.


3 thoughts on “A Site Close To You!

  1. Hi Chris,

    Good news about the extra site.

    However, I think te current info on the Council website is a little unclear.

    It says

    “Residents are advised to put their bins out on their normal collection day or leave them out if they have missed a collection this week.” and

    “Crews aim to use extra resources to make sure they catch up on on this week’s missed green and grey collections by the end of the week.”

    There’s no mention of LAST week’s collections that were missed.

  2. Hi John, there is no mention of last weeks because there will be no catch up on that. Whats gone has gone, and I think it will be back to normal collections only apart from this weeks catch up. Having used the site at Leasowe Common, both my Grey and Green bins are empty, so I won’t be putting anything out for my normal collection on Thursday this week.

  3. Thanks Chris. I’m sure there’s some logic in it that escapes me. 🙂

    My grey bin was last emptied on 9th December and I’ll now be waiting until the 6th January – 28 days.

    It seems a pointless exercise trying to catch up this week when, at most, people would still only have 16 or 17 days worth of rubbish. Clearing some of the 28 day people would make far more sense to me.

    As I say, I’m probably missing something obvious.

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