Weather Update – Ongoing cold spell from Met Office Regional Advisor – NW England

Perhaps I should start with a record (not the vinyl variety). Crosby,
just north of Liverpool, by the sea, smashed its previous record low
temperature last night with -17.0C (1.4F). A combination of snow cover,
clear skies, no wind and virtually the longest night possible all
combined to knock several degrees off the previous record. In comparison
with Shap’s -15.8C and Woodford’s -14.7C it just goes to show what can
happen when ideal heat-loss conditions come into play.

As for today, not a lot to say really. Mainly sunny and dry but bitterly
cold although little or no wind so ideal for a snowy winter walk in the
park well wrapped up. Maximum temperatures will, not surprisingly after
such a cold night, struggle to between zero and -3C typically although
the coldest spots may struggle to get above -5C. Any thawing of lying
snow restricted to areas fully exposed to the sun with any standing
meltwater freezing quickly once the sun sets.

As for tonight it’s almost a repeat performance although there is some
doubt whether temperatures will dip as low as last night, if only
because patchy freezing fog may form later in the night, perhaps more
likely over Cheshire and Merseyside. This will arrest the fall of
temperatures but could result in very difficult driving conditions for
tomorrow morning’s rush hour.

Tomorrow another bitterly cold day with temperatures mostly staying
below zero and particularly bitter where any overnight fog patches
linger on. It will be dry with, outside of any fog, further spells of

And on it goes……………..there is a slight doubt as to the
northern extent of some light snow edging up from the south later on
Monday night into Tuesday but even were this to reach the south of the
region amounts look very small. Through Tuesday and Wednesday the very
cold spell will continue with local severe frosts overnight with (<
-10C) possible in places and daytime temperatures strugling to get above
freezing. At this stage it looks like Wednesday will see more cloud than
Tuesday with perhaps a few snow flurries and more of a breeze which
would add a significant wind chill to the equation.

On current information in front of me I can’t see the cold spell ending
before Christmas Day so, if you’ve got a decent cover of snow on the
ground now, there’s a fair chance (some/most of) it will still be around
by Saturday morning.

In terms of severe weather warnings advisories and warnings remain in
force right through until Thursday (day 5). The ongoing ice risk is
obvious to all those with snow lying outside their front door. Further
Flashes may be issued for widespread icy roads but it is unlikely that
we shall need any snow warnings in the next couple of days at least.

The next update will be issued tomorrow morning,

Enjoy the winter landscape if you can,

Kind regards,

Alan Goodman; Met Office Regional Advisor – NW England


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