Council E-Petitions Go Live

As many people will be aware, since the Conservative-led / Lib Dem progressive Partnership took over the Council’s administration it has strived to bring the Council to you in an open and transparent way.  Apart from the biggest ever consultation excercise, ‘Your Wirral – Be Part of It, the Council has also started to publish all its spending over £500 on a monthly basis, now it has launched an e-petition service.   So do you have something burning on your mind?   Do you think the Council could do better?  Want to influence Council services?  Think a petition may help?   If so click here for further information on e-petitions.        Going forward next month the Council will be publishing the register of all gifts and hospitality that Councillors receive,  and or decline


One thought on “Council E-Petitions Go Live

  1. It’s a pity No. 10 can’t follow Wirral Council’s example.

    The Government’s e-petition website was closed last April pending a “digital comms” review. The Government responded to the review on the 23rd November but don’t seem to have commented or re-opened their e-petitions site yet.

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