A Frosty Reception

Yesterday, along with Cabinet member colleague, Cllr Gill Gardiner I attended the launch of the ‘No Cold Calling’ initiative at Brookdale Close and Whitelands Meadow in Greasby.    The scheme is designed for tenants, both in social housing and in private home ownership  as a deterrent from high pressure sales, and basically makes an area a, ‘No Go Zone’ for cold callers.

The Brookdale Close initiative , is a new joint venture with Wirral Partnership Homes and is aimed at protecting their tenants from high pressure selling of products such as burglar alarm systems and mobility aids.  Whilst Whitelands Meadow is a more traditional no cold calling zone aimed at owner occupiers.

As the Cabinet Member responsible for community safety I am delighted that initiatives such as this, which cost a relatively small amount can bring reassurance to local people.  

One thought on “A Frosty Reception

  1. I would like to thank all the local residents for supporting my wife Jane and I in getting the cold calling scheme in place.
    We have seen a noticeable drop in uninvited callers just with the window stickers we gave out.
    Now the zone is “official” and clearly marked with lamp post signs we hope to stop them altogether.

    Just need a scheme to stop the non charity collection bags through our letter boxes!!!!!

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