Town Meadow Station – One Small Step!

Earlier today, in my Merseytravel Role I attended Merseytravels Rail Services Committee.   One of the items on the agenda was a report and the latest survey results for the long-awaited and much needed railway station ‘Town Meadow’.

The survey showed that there was overwhelming support for a new station at this location, however the officers recommendation was to say the least quite weak and if that had been approved we may have lost the station forever.    However I am pleased to report that by a vote of 6 to 5, the following amendment proposed by me was approved. 

 a) Rail Services Committee note the report and welcomes the opportunity to engage with residents of Moreton on the possible improvement of public transport in the town

b) It is further noted that existing park and ride facilities, at Leasowe, are well-used and often over-subscribed and believes the long-promised development of a station will help to meet the demand

 c) Committee also notes that the development of stations at Beechwood and Woodchurch, to connect areas of unemployment to the transport network.  Committee believes that Moreton, an area of above average unemployment, should also be considered for this reason.

 d) Committee calls for the costs and projected passenger numbers for all three stations to be brought to a future meeting of this committee and requests officers make appropriate provision in LTP3 for these priorities.

e) That the Chairman of the Authority along with the leaders of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat groups actively lobby the coalition government for further funding for rail infrastructure including Town Meadow and Maghulll North Stations.      

Whilst I am delighted with the outcome of the meeting and the vote, it is a sad fact that five New Labour Councillors, including the Chair of the Authority (who was very annoyed, even angry) voted against my recommendation!     

The victory today keeps Town Meadow Station as one of Merseytravels priorities.     However today was just one small step towards this station being built.   Make no bones about it, there is still a long way to go, and many hurdles to get over as well as finding the funding, but the result today keeps the station option firmly on the agenda.  PS. Thanks Joe


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