Times Flies By When You’re Waiting For a Train In Moreton

An independent survey commissioned by Merseytravel has revealed massive demand for a new station between Moreton and Meols (known as ‘Town Meadow’) on the West Kirby line. 

The station, originally suggested more than 20 years ago, would serve the Millhouse Lane area of the town, reducing traffic from the estate to other stations.

The survey, along with a report is to be discussed at Merseytravels Rail Services Committee tomorrow, Wednesday 17 November.     As Conservative Group Leader on Merseytravel I know that Merseytravel is currently working with the local councils across Merseyside to put together plans for improving public transport and bidding for money for our third local transport plan.  This survey could not have come at a better time – it demonstrates that a new station would have massive levels of support and would reduce pressure on our roads.    It certainly has more support than we ever saw for the failed Merseytram that cost Merseytravel £70 million.

I believe we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop a new station on the West Kirby-Liverpool line that would increase rail usage in an area poorly served by public transport at the moment.    We have seen many new stations developed across the Merseyrail network with exactly the same potential that we can now see at Town Meadow and for those already proposed at Woodchurch and Beechwood.     If you want to read the survey results click HERE


3 thoughts on “Times Flies By When You’re Waiting For a Train In Moreton

  1. I hope after 20 years it still comes to nothing. I can only guess only a handful of houses that would be effected by opening a station at what is currently a quiet part of the estate were asked.

  2. To Ted: I’m with you on this one. It seems more an excercise in reducing traffic elsewhere in Moreton than it actually being a necessity. My prediction is that all the vacated car spaces in people’s drives during the working week will still be vacated car spaces, station or no station.

    In any event, the survey was unrepresentative. Despite saying I was not in favour of the station and giving my reasons, I was still asked questions such as “IF the station was there, would you use it?” The “IF” doesn’t appear in the bargraphs and histograms.

    In a previous blog, Chris has said the wishes of the not insignificant (10%) minority will be fully taken into account (with regards to traffic, parking, asb, etc) so, with reluctance, we’ll have to see how things progress 😦

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