Anti Bullying Week!

National Anti Bullying Week takes place from November 15th – 19th this year, and is focussing on the role of the bystander under the title ‘Taking Action Together’. Wirral’s Anti Bullying Steering group is this year focusing on young peoples experiences on public transport and school bus systems, through a conference hosted by Wirral Grammar School for Boys.    Invited delegates include pupils from all secondary schools across Wirral, transport providers, Councillors, representatives from Wirral Council and Merseyside Police.    The conference will look at good and poor practice and allow for young people to share their experiences on public transport and school bus services.   

Delegates will be asked to consider some possible solutions and make recommendations, from which a report will be produced for schools and transport operators. Wirral Youth Theatre will perform a short piece of drama engaging with delegates and showing how we ALL have a role to play in improving situations for others and discouraging bullying behaviours. Welcoming the conference.   The theme of Anti Bullying Week nationally this year is ‘Taking Action Together,’ which is a timely reminder of everyone’s responsibility to help create safe environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn.’ Guest speakers include 6th Form Bus Stewards from Wirral Grammar School for Boys, Kayte Eaton (Project Coordinator BullyBusters) and Billy Bradshaw (Partnership Officer Merseytravel).