Vodafone Submit Appeal

We have learned this evening that Vodafone has submitted an appeal against the Councils decision to refuse planning permission for a telephone mast, cabinet and ancillary equipment close to the Linear Park Play Area.   The appeal was submitted just two days before the deadline!

I have already submitted my objection and would would urge local residents to do the same by writing in triplicate to: The Planning Inspectorate at 3/18A Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN.   In order to be considered, all letters of objection must be received by the Inspectorate by the 8th December, 2010.   Make sure you quote – Application reference: ANT/10/00325, DETR Appeal reference: APP/W4325/A/10/2139115/NWF.

Don’t forget all letters of objection must be sent to the Inspector in triplicate.

3 thoughts on “Vodafone Submit Appeal

  1. Dear Mr Blakeley,
    Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention about the Vodafone appeal regarding the phone mast.I did notice however, that in your letter to us all you did not state that our objections have to be in TRIPLICATE.Not everyone is able to go online to see your letter on your website so I fear that objections will only be sent in one letter, even though the official letter sent to us all does state that we should reply in triplicate.
    Let’s hope this appeal will be quashed as we really don’t want that mast here, do we?
    Many Thanks
    G. Astbury

  2. we have enough telephone mast already with the one in Moreton Cross we do not want anymore especially by a childrens play area

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