Takeaway #14 Approved

Earlier this evening I attended Wirral’s Planning Committee meeting to ask the Committee Members to refuse the application for yet another Hot Food Takeaway, this time at the premises known as REMAX estate on Hoylake Road.

As ward councillor I addressed the committee pointing out that we already had a proliferation of hot food takeaways in the Town, and this application was a takeaway too far.   I argued forcefully and passionately on behalf of local residents and businesses.

Sadly, despite my reasoned argument, the three Labour Members representing Prenton, Birkenhead and Seacombe, along with the four Liberal Democrat Members, representing Eastham, Pensby and Prenton voting in favour of granting permission, with the Conservatives voting against.   In fact Cllr Paul Hayes, Conservative Wallasey, moved an amendment calling for refusal but sadly this fell with Labour and Lib Dems voting against.


2 thoughts on “Takeaway #14 Approved

  1. I admit to having mixed feelings about the Takeaway Takeover in Moreton. Ideally, I’d love to see some decent shops with normal opening hours coming to Moreton rather than yet more Takeaways but I don’t want to see graffiti-covered boarded up shops – like in Town Meadow Lane – either.

    It might be a case of the lesser of two evils. But, as our Councillor, I’m confident you reflect the views of the majority.

    What concerns me more, though – and can I infer from your blog that you think the same ? – is that such a big infuence over planning decisions can be exerted by people who don’t live anywhere near the area. It smacks so much of “sure you can have as many Takeaways as you want – as long as they’re not on my patch”.

    This new government makes great play of letting local people make local decisions yet the Council doesn’t appear to be following suit. Or is “local” not quite as “local” as ward-level?

    I look forward to voting on the next round of watse incinerator proposals in Eastham!

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