Its Potentially ‘Hot Food Takeaway’ #14!

Tonight I will be attending Wirral’s Planning Commmittee asking them to refuse the planning application for yet another ‘Hot Food Takeaway in Moreton.      In an earlier blog I referred to this as hot food takeaway #12, however having recalculated the amount of takeaways from Moreton Cross up to the jinction of Millhouse Lane it appears I got it wrong. 

If the one at Remax is approved this evening it will actually be Hot Food Takeaway #14.   The other 13 being, Oriental City, Eastern Tandoori, Baxters Traditional Fish and Chips, Popeyes Pizza, Sabs Kebabs, East Ocean, Moreton Kebabs, Junaki, The Royal Taste, Nazims Pizza, Subway, The Great Wall, Marias, add to these the proliferation of Cafes, the bakeries, Sayers, Waterfields and the soon to open Greggs, along with the restaurants and the pub food outlets, then this application surely is an application too many.

I have only picked out the takeaways within the immediate area, there are more in Moreton, Town Meadow Lane, Chapelhill Road, Reeds Lane, Hoylake Road etc.   Don’t misunderstand me, I want to see Moreton as a thriving town, with all the shops open all offering a variery of goods, but for whatever reason it appears that Moreton has become the takeaway capital of Wirral.


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