Weeks Round Up!

Last week was a busy week.    Apart from my ‘day jobs’ I also had a day and a half in London on Merseytravel business, rushing back on Thursday afternoon to make sure I was home in time for Wirral’s Cabinet meeting.     

So whats happened in our patch this week, I have listed below some of the highlights (or should that be lowlights) of the week.    

  1. I have learned that REMAX ‘Hot Food Takeaway #12’ will be going forward to Wirral’s Planning Committee this coming Tuesday 9th November commencing at 6pm at Wallasey Town Hall.    Sadly planning officers are recommending approval, despite a petition of well over a hundred signatures.    I will be attending asking the planning committee to refuse the application.   How many Takeaways do we need in Moreton?   Click HERE
  2. I was at Wirral’s Licensing Panel on Friday to speak in opposition to the application made by Sabs Kebabs.  The Kebab House wants a license to stay open until 2am.     The application had to be deferred because one of the Licensing Panel Members had also determined the planning application for the same premises and therefore could not take part in this.   I will let people know when the new date is.
  3. On Saturday, following many rumours we have it confirmed via a website that a Brothel  ‘A house of Ill Repute’ is now trading in Moreton.

That is just a flavour of the week.   On top of that of course is all the telephone messages, the proliferation of emails, the mail to be dealt with and of course all the papers that have to be read in preparation for coming meetings.    Just as well I enjoy what I do!


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