Welcome to Moreton

For many years I have used the services of the Halifax Agency Branch on Hoylake Road in Moreton.   Earlier this year Halifax announced they were closing all their agency branches meaning that from now on I, and all the other customers had to travel to Liscard or Birkenhead.   (Not too bad for me as I spend a day a week working in Liscard) However for many who rely on public transport the closure of these friendly agency branches was a huge blow.     Yesterday I was in Moreton and as I wandered past the Halifax I saw some activity so in I went thinking this was the girls last day to say my farewells and to thank them for all they had done.      

How wrong I was, it was not goodbye, it was hello to the same staff who are now working for the Skipton Building Society, who have stepped in to fill all the agency branches that the Halifax have closed in Wirral.     So a huge thanks to the Skipton for providing a much needed local service and today I will be moving my account from the Halifax to the Skipton, apart from having a local branch, their interest rate is almost a full percent above the Halifax……


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