Anti-Slavery Day

Tomorrow will be the first recognition in the UK of Anti-Slavery Day.   This has come about as a result of a Private Members Bill introduced by former Conservative MP Anthony Steen, which received its royal assent earlier this year.

Tomorrow I have the privilige of moving a Notice of Motion at Wirral’s Council meeting which calls for close working between local and national Government and partners to provide appropriate care and protection for victims of trafficking.

William Wilberforce is a name that is synonymous with anti-slavery.   In 1807, led by Wilberforce, an Act for the abolition of the slave trade was passed by Parliament.    In 1833, the Slavery Abolition Act was passed.    Why then is it estimated that there are 27 million slaves in the world today.    One in eight of those trapped in slavery are in Europe, and at least 10,000 of them are here in the United Kingdom.    Here in the UK, the main victims are women and children, they are often tricked into coming to this country, usually with a promise of some sort of job.    When they arrive here, they are often locked up and forced into the sex trade.     

It really is shameful that  after 200 years and the abolition of slavery that slavery, human trafficking and child prostitution is still so prevalent.   We really must do all we can to eradicate this matter from the UK, Europe and the world.


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