Labour candidate joins the Conservatives

A senior Wirral Labour Candidate has joined the Conservatives.  Geoff Dormand achieved the highest-ever Labour vote in Greasby, Frankby and Irby Ward in the local elections in May 2010.     The drive by the Conservatives to open up the Council and to consult residents on services was cited by Geoff as one of the reasons why he decided to make the switch.      

Geoff lives in Seacombe and is joint Chairman of the Seacombe Community Partnership and also a member of the Wirral Older People’s Parliament.     Geoff said: “I am passionate about giving more power to local communities such as Seacombe and what the new Council is doing should have all-Party support.  Locally, I have often been helped by Denis Knowles who, I believe, is a good councillor.” 

Cllr. Jeff Green, Leader of the Council, said: “I am delighted to welcome someone who wants to put the needs of his community first. Geoff did really well for Labour in Greasby and his loss will be a bitter blow to them.    “Geoff is clearly committed to his local community and wants to make sure that people in Seacombe are fully consulted and involved.  That is only going to happen with the new Administration in the Town Hall.”


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