Congratulations Clare

Readers of the blog may be aware that as well as being a local Councillor I am also employed by Esther McVey, MP for Wirral West as her Constituency Office Manager.    One of Esther’s passions is about giving young people chances in life and to that end we decided that it would be great to employ a Buiness Admin Apprentice to work with me and Andy (Esther’s Case Worker) in the constituency office.

Over the last few weeks I have been working with Parliamentary authorities (IPSA) and the Parliamentary Personnel Department to make this happen, and finally after much discussion we managed to get agreement.     Just Like Sir Alan, we then embarked on the search for the ‘Apprentice’, advertising thtrough the National Apprentice Agency and through local press publicity.   By the time applications closed in Early September we had received 54 applications.   We carefully screened all those 54 applications and from them we selected 17 people to give an initial interview to.      

Two of the people we invited for interview declined for whatever reason, so we finally interviewed 15, the quality and calibre of the applicants was very impressive and we had an initial target of shortlisting three or four, but in the end we had to shortlist six applicants, who were all invited back for a second interview which included a chat with Esther.       Following those interviews it became apparent that our decision was going to be a very difficult to make because the applicants had all performed so well.    However a decision had to be made and after many hours of discussion of who we believed would be able to benefit us and themselves we chose 18 year old Clare Worsnup.    You can read more about this by clicking here


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