Crossbar – License Approved

This morning along with my colleagues, Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Ian Lewis I attended Wirral’s Licensing Panel meeting, which was considering the application made by Michael Howells for a license for the new bar, Crossbar on Upton Road.    

Ian and I raised concerns emanating from the previous licensing refusal and asked the Licensing Panel to restrict the hours to supply of alcohol until 10:30pm, closing to the public at 11pm each day.     However after hearing all the arguments for and against the Licensing Panel granted a licence which allows alcohol to be sold until 11pm each night closing to the public at 11:30pm.    

I welcome all businesses to Moreton, and I wish Mr Howells all the best in his quest to run the Crossbar and to make it an integral part of the community.   He has a big job to convince local residents that this is not a ‘Mini Plough’ as he described this morning.    Only time will tell!


7 thoughts on “Crossbar – License Approved

  1. Hi.

    As a councillor from another part of the country (and another party) …. I was interested to see your disclaimer. Is that a standard wording, or is it one you have devised yourself?

    What sort of moderating system do you use?

    Chris Black

  2. Hi Chris, disclaimer is a bit of both, standard and then modified a little. Moderating comments is built into WordPress in settings you set it so you are notified of comments, that allows you to approve or dissaprove the comment. Hope that helps, cheers Chris

  3. Thanks.

    We used to have our site set up so that if you had a previously approved comment, your future comments would be published without moderation.

    We ran into a problem….

  4. Went into the newly opened Crossbar this eveing, was quite deterred at first when I seen door staff on the door as you usually find these around roudy establishments but later found that this was a condition attatched to the license, was warmly greeted by Mr Howells whose official title alongside licensee is the designated premises supervisor who was quite willing to give me his contact number if I ever found I had any problems with the bar, now I have never been in any other establishment where the landlord/lady has ever offered a contact number, what a breadth of freshair to see someone with manners, believe they hadn’t done what they should of the previous evening but every new buisness has hiccups at the start, something that Mr Howells said hopefully would not arise again. pleasant evening was had by myself and friends, an establishment I would recommend and also return to, glad that you have now give it your backing, but slightly puzzled over who actually described it as “mini Plough”? yourself or someone else, Mr Howells commented that it was not himself.

  5. Glad you had a good evening. It was Mr Howells who clearly used the phrase ‘Mini Plough’ at the Licensing hearing, not me or anyone else. Having been granted the license on Thursday, and knowing the conditions I can’t accept that it was a hiccup over the doorman on the Friday, even more so when it was the very same Mr Howells who suggested the door perspon as a condition, then for him as DPS not to comply within 36 hours of opening is a serious error!

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