Telephone Mast

My colleague Cllr Ian Lewis has received a ‘Pre-Consultation letter from a company ‘Savills’ who are acting on behalf of o2 and Vodafone.    It seems that the O2 mast located in Upton Woods (off Upton Road) may have to be removed.   If that is the case then o2 and Vodafone want to erect a replacement 20 metre high mast and put in a cabinet and auxillary equipment on the Island that hosts the traffic lights by the Moreton Spur.    They stress they will only submit a planning application if the old mast has to be removed.   Personally I could not think of a potential worse location for a 20 metre mast it will be a real blot on the landscape.    You can see their site plan by clicking HERE


2 thoughts on “Telephone Mast

  1. I count SIX cabinets half as tall as the traffic lights plus the mast. They have to be joking – it’s a major industrial-scale installation!

    Any reason for the potential removal of the existing one, Chris?

  2. I agree it would be an eye sore and if they have to move find a site less obtrusive, they must not be aloud to get away with it
    Is the move because of the site it is on up for Auction?

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