Town Meadow Station

Residents of the Millhouse estate and part of the Lingham estate will be aware that earlier this year, at my request, Merseytravel commissioned Mott Macdonald to carry out a consultation to see what people in the community thought about the introduction of a new railway station ‘Town Meadow’

Initially Mott Macdonald did a letter drop to some 2,000 homes and this was followed up by a door to door survey across 400 homes.    I am delighted that their report has now been finalised and can be published.

The Headlines of the report are:

  1. Reactions to the proposed new station were generally very positive with 83.4% supporting it and only 10% against it.
  2. The survey shows that the new station is likely to attract new users to the railway with over half (54.3%) of those who do not currently use either Meols or Moreton suggesting they would use the new station once a week or more.  Based on the survey use of the station would be high
  3. The survey suggested that car usage to get to Moreton is relatively high at 43% of those surveyed who use Moreton and that these users would in future principally walk to the new station at Town Meadow.  The level of car parking at Moreton is not that high and this would suggest that many people are being dropped off at the station before the driver then drives to another location.    This suggests that the sustainability at the station is slightly overstated.
  4. Those people surveyed who do use Moreton see the time saving provided by a station at Town Meadow as a real benefit
  5. The survey indicates clear support for a new station at Town Meadow.

You can read their full suvey findings by clicking HERE

I think this survey really strengthens the views that this station is ling overdue.    It will be interesting to see what ‘Spin’ Merseytravel Officers put on the covering report that will be sent to Rail Services Committee.   Watch this space


4 thoughts on “Town Meadow Station

  1. We live very close to the track and where the station would be built. Although we would use it if built we don’t want it building. Also surprised by the results. The women who surveyed us said the last 5 houses she had been to didn’t want it either.

  2. Hi Ted

    Thanks for your comment. I fully understand your concerns. I am not surprised by the results at all, this has been something the vast majority of people who live in the area have been pushing for since the early nineties. It is a facility that is desperately needed, it will get people out of cars and on to public transport, however I would want to see an infrastructure developed that would meet with local residents needs in order that those who do live close by would not be disadvantaged. Best wishes Cllr Chris Blakeley

  3. Like Ted, I was one of the 10% of those who is opposed to the station.

    Although I don’t live quite as close, I DO live in a quiet cul-de-sac which is quite likely to become a major pedestrian cut-through from the Saughall Massie area – especially, I feel, for clubbers and pub-goers – with the attendant empty cans and worse.

    Whilst, ultimately in a democracy, the majority should have their way, I would like to think that the concerns expressed by that – not insignificant – 10% would be addressed rather than simply be pushed aside in a “majority wins” sort of way.

  4. I personally can’t wait for the station to be built. For me, it is closer than walking to moreton station – which has become a pain since a public alleyway was recently blocked off by the council – adding a further 10 minutes walking time to my journey everyday. Public transport should be easily accessible, and the new station will certainly give that accessibility. Hopefully the access to the station for both pedestrians and cars will be addressed properly, without blocking off well used footpaths, and blocking up roads with parked cars – as I can see how this would be an area of concern fot the residents living in the immediate area.

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