Hot Food Takeaway Number 12

I have just been notified that a planning application has been submitted for yet ANOTHER hot food takeaway in Moreton. 

Application number: APP/10/01161

Date Registered: 21/09/2010, Applicant: Mr G Jones, Agent: Mr C W Jones

Location: Remax Estate, 283 HOYLAKE ROAD, MORETON, CH46 0RL

Proposal: Change of use of ground floor of premises from offices to hot food take away.    Plans will be available to view on the Council’s website within 2 working days from the date of this email.

As you can details at the moment are sketchy, however when the full application is published on the Council website we have have a better idea of the type of outlet.     If approved this will become the 12th takeaway in the heart of the village.


6 thoughts on “Hot Food Takeaway Number 12

  1. Not another one!

    We have more than enough takeaways as it is so I am against the application.

    Paul Q

  2. As a resident of Moreton, I think we already have more than enough fast food/takeaway outlets.
    This type of business is probably the biggest cause of street litter in the town and we do not need any more.
    The town is being overrun by supermarkets and fast food and takeaway outlets, while the old traditional shops are slowly closing down.
    One begins to wonder if the council really cares at all about the local community, when planning applications such as this and the Tesco Express on The Plough site get approval so readily.

    Enough is enough, I say!!

  3. Please, please, no more Take-aways!!!
    We have enough in our town and this will only lead to more litter, more youths hanging around and bringing down the appearance of the village.

  4. we dont need MORE takeways, the mess is already building up without the opening of the latest chippy on upton road being operable yet.
    there is also no parking or waiting facilities to cater for the traffic.

  5. I can see no point in yet another source of litter around what used to be a decent “village” community with a variety of local shops.

    More fast food stores ?- an emphatic NO. Look at the mess that is Hoylake for an example. Let us have the variety of local fresh produce stores, perhaps have our own fresh bakery, cobbler and perhaps a return of a local Dry Cleaning outlet again.

    As has been stated in various other places – we are being overtaken by huge conglomerates – the 3 big names in supermarkets come to mind, especially the all- encompassing Tesco. Local shops serving the local community invariably means the money spent stays within the local community. These huge supermarkets mean the opposite – the money goes out of Moreton and into their pockets with no benefits to the local community. The farce that is to see the end of The Plough Inn being made into a “convenience store” Tesco against the stated wishes of the local community is yet another example of the lack of all round thinking by the Council & its planners. The present road system around Moreton Cross roundabout is a jammed nightmare for vehicles and pedestrians during morning & evening “rush” hours, combine this with a lack of public parking spaces and you have a fine recipe for disaster. To then go and put a Tesco store practically on top of the roundabout with a small parking area and one which has to include deliveries – albeit “restricted” to 20ft wagons – something Tesco has already breached with impunity at the other end of Moreton. As has been suggested perhaps a local rejection of use of the store might affect Tesco more.

    I for one would want a return to a variety of local shops serving the local community, with a small percentage of decent food outlets who police their own litter.

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