So It’s Mister (R)Ed! (Milliband That Is)

So after four wearisome months the New Labour party has selected Ed Milliband as it’s new leader.    Bring it on Ed….    As for the also rans it will be interesting to see if Ed wants any of them in his shadow cabinet, and if they are interested in serving under him.       It seems the Union votes have produced New Labour’s new leader, and it is the Unions that now unequivocably control New Labour….


One thought on “So It’s Mister (R)Ed! (Milliband That Is)

  1. Hi Chris.

    It’s laughable to think the Labour party is unequivocably controled by the Unions, and even more hilarios to imagine Union Barons will be putting their feet up on Ed’s coffee table, trapping cigar ash in his potplants and dictating policies similar to the Pyongyang regime of Kimjongila of North Korea, all in return for sucuring him the leadership.

    Milliband’s policies of establishing a high pay commission, of campaigning for a lving wage of £7.60 an hour and increasing taxes on the wealthy may place him to the left of his ultra-blairite brother david and the ruling thatcherite coalition, but that hardly makes him Britains answer to Hugo Chavez.

    The simple fact that Ed can be labelled left wing at all is a sign of how far to the right Britain has travelled in the past 30 years.

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