Wirral’s Healthy Homes Pilot

This morning, in my role as the Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety I was delighted to open a stakeholder event about Healthy Homes.

Healthy homes is a new way of delivering front line services to some of Wirral’s most vulnerable individuals by bringing a wide range of partners together to address a range of factors that can impact on their health and wellbeing.     It’s primary aim is addressing health inequalities by ensuring an effective, targeted and co-ordinated response to an individual needs via an outreach approach; an approach which embraces the spirit of localism, efficiency and joined up working.

Staff from the Council’s Housing, DASS and Community Safety Teams are working together with the Police, Fire Service and agencies such as Energy Projects Plus, Involve North West and VCAW to engage difficult to reach groups and ensure help is accessible to those who need it most.    This initiatives support Wirral’s Sustainable Community Strategy, LAA and Corporate Plan by contributing directly towards key improvement targets for the borough.    The inititive will help to improve the health and well being for all, ensuring people who require support are full participants in mainstream society, contributing to a prosperous economy and regeneration objectives and helping to create a clean, pleasant, safe and sustainable environment in Wirral.    

The pilot for this project, which will be in New Brighton will start in just a few weeks.      We hope this will be an evolving process from which we can learn valuable lessons in partnership working and improve engagement skills so that resources are targeted at those who need services most.   If successful the Council plans to replicate the approach in other parts of Wirral.    You can read more on this by clicking HERE

Shape The Future of Wirral

The biggest ever consultation exercise being undertaken by Wirral Council is today into its second week. Last week Council teams were out at various venues across the borough, including a trailer drop in at the Birkenhead Festival of Transport.       Today the roadshow was at the One Stop Shop in Moreton, staffed by Tracey Smith and Mark Payne.     Along with Cllr Steve Williams I spent some time at the One Stop Shop and we chatted to local residents who showed a lot of interest in the consultation, and either filled in a questionnaire on the spot or took one home with them. Whilst the questionnaire may seem a large document, residents don’t have to complete every page, if they choose they can just complete the sections that they think are relevant to them.      This is your chance to shape the future of Wirral I urge residents to take it.