A Day to Remember!

I have just returned from a couple of days in London.  I went down yesterday to attend a Westminster Briefing on Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour on Public Transport which was held today in the Commonwealth Club.      I  travelled down yesterday and met up at the House of Commons with Wirral West MP, Esther McVey.    Talk about fate and being in the right place at the right time, well I certainly was.    Started off by meeting Adam Boulton, Sky News Political Reporter, that was followed by meeting Gary Lineker and his wife Danielle who were at Commons for the ‘One Goal’ campaign, hey I a am thinking to myself just how lucky am I, but then yesterday evening the icing on the cake, I got to go to St Stephens Club in Queen Annes Gate, to meet and chat with Baroness Margaret Thatcher, you just could not script it, absolutely marvellous and set me up for the briefing today, which sadly, while very informative, was not very well attended.     You just don’t know what each day will bring.


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