Readers of the blog and our Newsline will be aware that two parcels of land in Upton Woods are to be auctioned in Manchester this coming Thursday.

The land is privately owned  and has been split into two lots, one lot houses the two telephone masts and the immediate area and backs on to Paulsfield Drive, and has a gude price of £90,000 because of the income from the telephone masts.       The other lot is on the otherside of the bypass in Upton Ward, and it is this piece of land, valued at around £10,000 that is causing local people to spread rumours that the land will be bought by gypsies and they will be setting up home on it?

This is causing lots of distress, and I do wish people would not peddle this speculation and spread these sort of rumours, because at the moment thats all they are rumours.  The only thing that is a fact is that the land is for sale and we will not know anymore until after Thursdays auction.  In the meantime I have asked Council Officers to keep a watching eye on the situation.    Watch this space for more updates.