Its About Taking Responsibility!

Last night at Wirral’s Cabinet the first item on the agenda was dealing with an absolutely damning report published by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following their inspection in May of this year into adult social care.  You can read their full report by clicking HERE

It was, really shocking.  The CQC found that Wirral has, basically been failing the most vulnerable members of our society in a whole host of ways.  The Council was given the lowest-possible rating and it’s capacity to improve was ‘uncertain’.

This disgraceful performance was carried out under the stewardship of the previous Labour-led Administration.  They had an early warning last year when services were given the ‘red flag’ in a report, and a year later we see no improvement.   If a Labour Council cannot protect and look after the interests of the most vulnerable – ie those who cannot look after themselves – then what is the point of it?

Turning this mess around is going to be difficult but the Con-Dem Administration in the Town Hall will tackle this failure.  The Director of the Department, who publicly apologised for his departments failures last night, is under no illusion of our commitment to this, and his teams responsibility in delivering the improvements, and fast.


5 thoughts on “Its About Taking Responsibility!

  1. Hi Councillor Blakeley,

    Just over a month ago, I complained to the leader of the Council, Jeff Green, about disability discrimination, perpetrated by the Adult Social Services dept against vulnerable residents of supported living homes in Curlew Way, Edgehill Road and Bermuda Road, Moreton. (As you must be aware, Wirral Council is the organisation charged with protecting disabled and vulnerable people on Wirral).

    He initially responded to me, promising an investigation. However, despite my subsequent emails, he is now choosing not to respond further. I have now lodged a complaint with the Local Government Ombudsman, who expect minimum levels of response from Councils – levels which Councillor Green is not in my opinion fulfilling.

    As a Moreton Councillor, I assume you will be concerned. Please can you give him a reminder?

    many thanks,

    Paul Cardin

  2. Dear Mr Cardin. I am happy to remind Cllr Green of your concerns, however I am aware he is out of the country until the 26th October so you are unlikely to hear from him until after that date. Could I suggest that as your concerns regard Adult Social Services that you contact Cllr Bob Moon, the Cabinet Member responsible. Home Address: 68 Fairway North, Bromborough, Wirral CH62 3NA
    Phone: 0151 334 4796 – Fax: 0151 343 9059 – Email:
    Regards Chris Blakeley

  3. Dear Cllr Blakeley,

    Thank you for your quick response. My concerns have moved beyond internal members of this failing department, one which as your headline article above succinctly points out, has failed to take responsibility, and has performed disgracefully.

    I will not follow your advice by bringing it up with somebody who is directly complicit in this abject failure. In fact, I’m puzzled that you would suggest such a thing, on the day that the Department’s Director has jumped ship. It now requires somebody with determination and integrity to follow this complaint through properly and with a mind to public accountability.

    You state that the Con-Dem coalition will tackle this failure, so in accordance with this, I will await Jeff Green’s return and take it from there.

    Thanks again,

    Paul Cardin

  4. Dear Mr Cardin I am aware that you have received a response from Jeff Green’s PA in response to this matter. I suggested Cllr Moon as he is the cabinet Member with responsibility for Adult Social Services, so it is he who is ultimately responsible for their actions in all matters relating to Adult Social Services, and he is therefore the publicly accountable person.

  5. Dear Cllr Blakeley,

    Apologies for that. I did not read your email properly, and made the wrong assumption – that Bob Moon was an internal council officer.

    Please ignore my last message,


    Paul Cardin

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