Is This a Kosher Application?

I saw this Licensing notification (pictured left) in the soon to open ‘Hot Food Takeaway’ at the former Cartridge World Shop on Hoylake Road.     Strange because I am notified of all applications in the ward i represent, and I have not been told of this proposal?   

I have sent an email to Wirral’s Head of Licensing asking for an explanation.

If it is a valid application I will certainly be objecting to the hours proposed.    When this premises was given planning permission back in January this year, the Planning Committee imposed conditions so that it could not trade other than between Mondays to Saturday and only from 11:30am until 11pm, it has to be closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays, this was done to protect the amenity of people.   Therefore I see no reason for the applicant applying for these hours or for Wirral’s Licensing Panel granting them.     I will blog more on this when I have a response from Wirral’s Licensing Section


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