Millhouse Lane Road Safety Update

Earlier this evening, along with colleagues, Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Simon Mountney we attended the follow up public meeting to discuss road safety issues, and particularly speeding traffic in Millhouse Lane.

The meeting was arranged to hear the results of the Councils investigations following a meeting in May.     David Rees, the Council’s Group Leader for Road Safety explained to those present the results of the two traffic surveys, and the investigations surrounding the two accidents to the house in Tanworth Grove at the junction with Millhouse Lane.

It was interesting to note that whilst traffic movement in Millhouse Lane has increased by 4.5% since the last survey in 2003, traffic speeds have reduced from an average of 35mph to 32,6mph, with an overall reduction of traffic travelling above 30mph from 48% down to 23.7%,  a step in the right direction.   

In order to try to reduce traffic speed even further, and improve road safety the Council will be installing ‘Centre Line’ markings from the Millhouse Pub to Tanworth Grove, providing ‘Slow Signage’ on the carriageway and junction markings on some of the side roads.   You can see the plans by clicking HERE.    Engineers have also promised to review the situation in about 12 months.       Me, Steve and Simon will also look to provide a ‘Vehicle Activated Speed Device’ next year with funds from are Area Forum’s Integrated Transport Block.    

Our thanks go to all those residents who signed the petition, those who attended the two public meetings and those who wrote, emailed and telephoned us with their views.      This is a real example of a community coming together to deal with an issue that affects them all.


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