NHS – Seems Like Millions Have been “Data Captured!”

Back in February I blooged on the introduction of Summary Care Records and the unfair system of the ‘Opt Out’ system.

In July I blogged another report on the ongoing difficulties of this system, and what I consider to be deliberate obstacles being put in the way of people who do not want their records uploaded on to what can only be described as a dodgy and unsecure database.  

Today, in the Dail Mail it has been revealed just how devious and underhand the process for this has been, and that millions appear to have already had their data uploaded without their knowledge.   You can read the Mail report by clicking HERE

This is a disgraceful way to treat people, and seems to be driven by the NHS insatiable appetite to know everything about us.   Its time this scheme, just like the little blue card scheme thety tried to introduce a year or so ago was scrapped.     I have opted out, I hope lots more do


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