Tesco’s at the Plough – APPROVED!

Earlier this evening, I attended the Planning Committee meeting that was considering the application by Tesco to build a new store on the site of the (now derelict) Plough pub at Moreton Cross.    Although the application is not in my ward, it is close enough to the border to have an affect on Moreton West.    I was their with my colleague Cllr Simon Mountney, and our colleague from Leasowe and Moreton East Ward, Cllr Ian Lewis  (The two Labour Councillors for Leasowe and Moreton East did not show up at all)

Around about 50 local residents and traders attended the committee, and It was by far the most contentious item on the agenda, and Me, Simon and Steve Williams have been contacted by many people on this issue.

Tonights meeting followed a site meeting yesterday which I requested, and despite the obvious traffic related concerns, a petition of almost 2,600 signatures, the opposition of ward Councillors and residents and traders the committee approved the application by a vote of 8 for and 4 against.

There are already two Tesco stores at either end of the Town and their massive purchasing and marketing power will dwarf anything local traders can offer.     I also discovered from my colleague Ian that I feature (in a small way) in a book called Tescopoly which he had bought at the weekend. Tescopoly has a website here.

Ian and I adressed the Committee and supported the concerns of the community.    Sadly, while Councillors Paul Hayes, Phil Gilchrist, Stuart Kelly and Denise Realey all voted against the application, they were outvoted by the rest of the Committee.    The report they were given can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Tesco’s at the Plough – APPROVED!

  1. Although I can sympathise with the Traders in the area, I do feel it is a pity they did not object/petition at the condition of The Plough over he past ten years when it was an absolute disgrace and the behaviour in and around it was undesirable. Maybe if it had been obliged by the same “planners” to improve its facade, Tescos may not have been as successful.

    As for Wirral Planning Department – well , in their wisdom, they gave permission to the same “tennants/landlord” of The Plough to open another establishment just around the corner – it remains to be seen how that turns out!!! Personally, I am not very optimistic.

  2. Dear Mrs Mulloy, thansk for your comment. However the Planning Department does not give permission for Licensed premises that already exist, that is the responsibility of the Council’s Licensing Section and they refused permission for the Crossbar because one of the applicants was the person running the Plough! Another Licensing application has been submitted, but not by the former licensee of the Plough. If you wish to object or support that application you can do so br emailing licensing@wirral.gov.uk before the 2nd September. Best wishes Chris blakeley

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