Crossbar – For The Avoidance of Doubt!

This morning after I had been out delivering letters on the Millhouse estate I wandered around the shops in Moreton, whilst I was on my walkabout  I was verbally attacked by previous customers of the Plough saying I had stopped Ray (Navarro) getting a license for the Crossbar on Upton Road.   

Now lets get one thing straight.   THE ONLY PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LICENSE BEING REFUSED IS RAMON NAVARRO.   HIS NAME WAS ON THE APPLICATION AND THE POLICE SUBMITTED A HORRENDOUS REPRESENTATION MAKING IT CLEAR THEY WOULD NOT SUPPORT AN APPLICATION THAT MEANT NAVARRO HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE PREMISES.     I have that police representation, and up to now I have resisted the temptation to put it in the public domain, however my patience is now running a little thin, and if these attacks continue I will post it.

Strange that at the application hearing the other applicant and the tenant made great efforts to say Ramon Navarro would have absolutely nothing to do with the running of the Crossbar!   Clearly not what the former Plough customers think if what they said to me this morning was true.      Its clear that they believe that the Crossbar is the new Plough!


10 thoughts on “Crossbar – For The Avoidance of Doubt!

  1. “whilst I was on my walkabout I was verbally attacked by previous customers of the Plough”

    These people really are their own worst enemies and are doing the Crossbar no favours at all.

    The fact that they can’t see this speaks volumes about the future survival prospects of the Crossbar.

  2. Being verbally abused while walking through the village is not very nice to say the least, these people do not represent the vast majority of decent, hard working folk who go for a drink in any establishment around moreton cross, including the plough inn, it will always be the case of a small amount of idiots will spoil it for everyone.

    The police seem to be implying that customers from the plough are undesirables and a migration to the crossbar of these low life savages is completely unacceptable, if they had their way, we would see a public humiliation of the plough customers, who would be paraded through the streets of moreton like animals, handcuffed and tied to a rope in full view of the public.

    Your overriding duty as a councillor is to the whole community, including those who did not vote for you, and dare i say! folk who went in the plough for a drink, i actually think its about time you as a councillor, and somone who sits on the cabinat sat down and met a few decent folk who actually went in the plough and ask them their opinion on this ridiculous situation.

  3. Paul I agree it is always the minority who spoil it for the majority.

    The Police have not implied anything about the customers of the Plough, and neither have i, however the police have made it very clear that they believe that Mr Navarro and I quote ‘Is not a fit and proper person be be a Designated Premise Supervisor’.

    Please don’t deem to tell me what my role is as a Councillor, I know full well what it is, and each time I am re-elected I sign a declaration to say I will serve all the people in my ward and the wider Wirral community, regardless of their political views, and I believe I have done that to the best of my ability for the last 10 years. I am sure that if I ever stop doing that then I will pay the price at the ballot box.

    Lets be clear the Police do have concerns about migration from the Plough to the Crossbar, however the reason they originally opposed the application was because Ramon Navarro was one of the applicants. The reason the Licensing Panel refused the application was because Ramon Navarro’s name was on the application, therefore whether I talk to people who used to drink in the Plough or not, it will make not one iota of difference to any decision made by the Licensing Panel, it is ultimately their decision, and as I play no part on that panel I have no decision making powers regarding a license application.

  4. As a Moreton resident I don’t agree that you should be subjected to the views of a disgruntled member of the public while doing your council duties, obviously this person does not understand the way decisions are made within the town hall, that they were not happy with, but I don’t think it is your place to disclose the information the police had submitted about Mr Navarro as you have clearly said the application was refused with his name on it, and from my information the police did not reveal at the license hearing what they had submitted but did make a point to say that at this moment Mr Navarro has NO CONVICTIONS to date, so I think it unfair that on your patience running thin that you would consider revealing what the police have not and I am also sure that Mr Navarro would have no knowledge of anyone verbally abusing you, nor would he agree with it. I agree that nothing would be gained by meeting any former customers of the Plough Inn. As the new owners of the Crossbar are trying their utmost to make clear this is a new bar and not the Plough, but I think that message will take a while for old patrons of the Plough , the residents local to the Crossbar and hopefully the new customers they will have in the future

  5. All the members of the licensing panel did have copies of the police representation, and the documentation is available from the licensing section should it be required, it is not secret information.

  6. If you made representation about the application I believe so. Other than that I think it would be available if a Freedom of Information request was submitted.

  7. Thank you for that, still don’t agree that you should be verbally abused while you are out doing what you were elected for, whether they voted for you or not, as it is it the ballot box that has spoke for you, hopefully you won’t be subjected to these minority of people and that you still have good faith in the the majority.

  8. Having read the comments and replies concerning mr navarro and the plough inn.I have socialised in all public houses in moreton for many years,and seen many managers come and go over the period mr navarro has managed the plough inn,ten or more years he had been running the plough.If the man was as bad as running a public house as your implying the police have said, why wasnt he shut down and his licence revoked.The kings in liscard run for ten years or more by ….. yes mr navarro, the police never shut him down or revoked his licence at that public house either.

    So if he is not a fit and proper person to be a Designated Premise Supervisor according to the police, who would be.Is it a whitch hunt against the man, who by the way,had kept the plough and the kings open through very tough financial times.If enterprise inns had not financially raped the man the plough inn would still be open and you as a councillor would not have too deal with this and get on with more important matters.As a member of the community of moreton mr navarro should be backed by you as his councillor and not vilified by the police for something that has no foundation

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