Crossbar, Licensing Application Refused!

Today I attended Wirral’s Licensing Panel, to speak on behalf of residents who were opposed to the granting of a license for the Sports Bar, ‘Crossbar’    I was truly stunned when the panel refused the application…..

It is fair to say that there was lots of cloudy issues and confusion surrounding one of the applicants, Ramon Navarro, and what part he would play in the premises.   Merseyside Police objected strongly to Mr Navarro having any part in the running of the premises, and although the Leaseholder and the other applicant, Mr Howells, did their best to convince everyone that Mr Navarro would play no part, the fact is, his name was on the application.

I suggested to the panel that reduced hours may be a way forward that would allay local residents concerns, and suggested that the hours should be 10am until 10:30pm for the sale of alcohol with closing time being 11pm everyday.   Anway after the best part of an hours deliberation the Chairman called us all back in and announced that while Mr Navarro’s name was on the application the panel could not approve the application.

I fully expect another application to be submitted  in the next few days, this time without any mention of Ramon Navarro!    

In the meantime on the Crossbar Facebook page it seems I have to be vilified as the person responsible for the refusal, while it was clearly the fault of whoever submitted the application with Ramon Navarro named as an applicant.  

STOP PRESS:   Crossbar Facebook nasty comments and page removed.   Thanks Andrea…………………………..


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