Funds for You

Tonight with my colleagues and community reps we went through all the bids for funding from the Council’s Funds for You pot.     All in all we had just over £34,000 available and many of the bids that were relevant to Leasowe, Moreton and Saughall Massie were succesful, and one or two bids that were not particularly area specific were also successful.   I have listed below some of the succesful bids:

  • Moreton Community Lights Association £5,000.00
  • West Wirral Boys Club £2,080.00
  • Yewtree Online Centre £705.00
  • Leasowe Youth Football Club £1,000.00
  • Moreton Community Centre £2,500.00
  • Mens Keep Fit & Health £1,019.78
  • Leasowe Autumn Club £2003.90
  • Leasowe Adventure Playground £2,000.00
  • Leasowe Art Club ££1,291.77
  • Moreton Towns Womens Guild £500.00
  • Breath Easy Wirral £507.00
  • St Vincent de Paul Society £2,160.00
  • New Brighton Junior Rugby £924.00
  • Wallasey Amateur Boxing Club £2,500.00
  • Friends of the Council Kennels £1,000.00

Total allocated:  £25,191.45    Before any money can be made available all the bids need to be aproved by Wirral’s Cabinet.


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