Talking of SPLITS!

At the Merseytravel AGM in June, the Chairman of the Authority read out a statement that related to the Merseytravel One Team One Family (OTOF) restructuring and reorganisation process that is designed to give long term savings to the Authority.   That statement was subsequently sent to all employees of Merseytravel.

The Chairmans statement, which you can read by clicking HERE, is a real Ashes to Ashes back to the 80’s statement and has caused a huge rift in the controlling Labour group on Merseytravel, with the current Vice Chairman of the Authority, who was the previous chairman of Personnel, the committee which oversaw the restructuring, clearly distressed by the content of the statement.        

When I challenged the new Chairman of Personnel, on Tuesday this week over the content of the statement, the Vice Chairman of the Authority picked up his papers and walked out of meeting, split, no a huge rift!    Perhaps its time for internal change, any of the New Labour Councillors up for the challenge?


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