How the Council Spends OUR Money!

Following presure from the new Conservative Lib Dem coalition Council, and in order to be open and transparent and to encourage greater responsibility and involvement, the Council has just started publishing online all the money it spends each month for values over £1,000 (soon to be revised at our insistence to £500).   The figures for April and May have just been published and can be viewed by clicking here and here

We believe the taxpayer has the right to know how we spend their money, and we made a start, last month, by publishing details of the sponsorship agreement with Tranmere Rovers FC.   Labour Councillors voted against this initiative, having read some of the figures I understand why! 

I was absolutely shocked at some of the figures we are paying out month on month, and the viewing leaves lots of questions to be answered by the Finance department, I will be asking questions  and I hope others will as well.    We shall also, in time, publish contracts and tenders online, in accordance with the policy of the Coalition Government.   What do you think about the Council spending?


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