Crossbar – For The Avoidance of Doubt!

This morning after I had been out delivering letters on the Millhouse estate I wandered around the shops in Moreton, whilst I was on my walkabout  I was verbally attacked by previous customers of the Plough saying I had stopped Ray (Navarro) getting a license for the Crossbar on Upton Road.   

Now lets get one thing straight.   THE ONLY PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LICENSE BEING REFUSED IS RAMON NAVARRO.   HIS NAME WAS ON THE APPLICATION AND THE POLICE SUBMITTED A HORRENDOUS REPRESENTATION MAKING IT CLEAR THEY WOULD NOT SUPPORT AN APPLICATION THAT MEANT NAVARRO HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE PREMISES.     I have that police representation, and up to now I have resisted the temptation to put it in the public domain, however my patience is now running a little thin, and if these attacks continue I will post it.

Strange that at the application hearing the other applicant and the tenant made great efforts to say Ramon Navarro would have absolutely nothing to do with the running of the Crossbar!   Clearly not what the former Plough customers think if what they said to me this morning was true.      Its clear that they believe that the Crossbar is the new Plough!

Crossbar, Licensing Application Refused!

Today I attended Wirral’s Licensing Panel, to speak on behalf of residents who were opposed to the granting of a license for the Sports Bar, ‘Crossbar’    I was truly stunned when the panel refused the application…..

It is fair to say that there was lots of cloudy issues and confusion surrounding one of the applicants, Ramon Navarro, and what part he would play in the premises.   Merseyside Police objected strongly to Mr Navarro having any part in the running of the premises, and although the Leaseholder and the other applicant, Mr Howells, did their best to convince everyone that Mr Navarro would play no part, the fact is, his name was on the application.

I suggested to the panel that reduced hours may be a way forward that would allay local residents concerns, and suggested that the hours should be 10am until 10:30pm for the sale of alcohol with closing time being 11pm everyday.   Anway after the best part of an hours deliberation the Chairman called us all back in and announced that while Mr Navarro’s name was on the application the panel could not approve the application.

I fully expect another application to be submitted  in the next few days, this time without any mention of Ramon Navarro!    

In the meantime on the Crossbar Facebook page it seems I have to be vilified as the person responsible for the refusal, while it was clearly the fault of whoever submitted the application with Ramon Navarro named as an applicant.  

STOP PRESS:   Crossbar Facebook nasty comments and page removed.   Thanks Andrea…………………………..

24 Hour Licensing

I am reluctant to say, ‘we told you so’ but the fact is, we did just that when the New Labour Government introduced 24 hour drinking under the guise of the Licensing Act 2003.     The idea was to introduce a Cafe culture, but sadly all it did was introduce a problem across the country.

Here in Wirral we have witnessed first hand how the Act has favoured applicants and disadvantaged local residents, just look at the Saughall Hotel, set in a conservation area they have a license that allows them to stay open until 3am!  Crazy….    We have seen other premises given longer hours, some of them not causing a problem, but many do.

I was therefore delighted with the announcement made today by the Home Secretary,  Theresa May MP which will give local people a real say in what happens in their communities.      I have appended below the summary of her statement:

Proposals for tough new measures to crack down on problem premises and more powers for local communities to influence licensing decisions were unveiled by the Government today.

• making it easier for communities to have their say on local licensing by allowing local authorities to consider the views of the wider community, not just those living close to premises;

• taking tough action against underage drinking by doubling the fine to £20,000 for those found persistently selling alcohol to children, extending orders that see premises closed on a voluntary basis to a minimum of seven days and bringing in automatic licence reviews for these problem premises – which can see licences revoked;

• charging a fee for late-night licences to pay for the cost of extra policing and scrapping ineffective, bureaucratic and unpopular Alcohol Disorder Zones;

• ensuring policing and health concerns are fully considered so that the impact of licensing on crime and disorder or public health can be fully taken into account when assessing licence applications;

• increasing licence fees so that local councils can cover costs linked to enforcement  leaving premises to pay rather than the local taxpayer;

• tightening up rules for temporary licences by limiting the number of Temporary Event Notices that can be applied for in any one year – these are often used to get around the restrictions of applying for a permanent licence; and

• introducing a ban the sale of below cost alcohol and consulting on how this can be achieved.

Home Secretary Theresa May said:

“The benefits promised by the 24 hour drinking & café culture’ have failed to materialise and in its place we have seen an increase in the number of alcohol related incidents and drink-fuelled crime and disorder.   “We know that the majority of pubs and bars are well run business but the Government believes that the system needs to be rebalanced in favour of the local communities they serve with tougher action taken to crack down on the small number of premises who cause problems.”

Last year there were almost one million violent crimes that were alcohol related, with a fifth of all violent incidents taking place in or around a pub or club, and almost two-thirds of these happen at night. As well as this the total cost of alcohol-related crime and disorder to the taxpayer is estimated to be between £8bn and £13bn.

All Change!

‘Not a lot of people know that’ words attributed to Michael Caine, but actually spoken by Peter Sellars who was doing an impression of Michael Caine.   What relevance has that to this post?   Whenever I think of The Italian Job, I think of Micheal Caine, and The Italian Job is the name of the new restaurant in Moreton, formerly Ruis on Upton Road.  Welcome to Moreton, I will be giving it a try with Mrs B very soon.

I also noticed that work is now going inside the old Cartridge Shop, again on Upton Road, that has permission for a hot food takeaway, and today work was going on at the old Fosters Greengrocers, yep you guessed it on Upton Road, that’s advertising that it will be opening up soon as a traditional Fish and Chip Shop, add to that the Licensing Application for Crossbar (upton Road) and its All Change in Moreton!

Crossbar – Decision Day, Thursday 29th July

Wirral’s Licensing Panel meets this Thursday 29th July to consider whether or not to approve a license for the ‘Sports Bar’ to be known as Crossbar where the old Sorella’s used to be on Upton Road.     You can read the report going to the panel by clicking here.

The report says that the POlice have not made representation, that is an error.   The original representation made was I have to say the most damning I have ever seen made by the police, however following a meeting between the Police and one of the applicants, Michael Howells it appears a compromise solution has been agreed between them and the police have withdrawn their damning representation and replace it with the one that can be read by clicking HERE.

I will be attending on Thursday and will be asking the panel to take into account local residents fears and concerns as well as the ones clearly made by the Police in the first representation.    Hopefully the panel will make a sensible decision with regard to this application.   Watch this space for further news.

PS.  Just had an email from a resident alleging that the premises have been operating with the shutters down at the front?   I hope not!

Summary Care Records! CARE?

Back in March I blogged on the introduction of the NHS Summary Care Record, and made it clear that I thought not asking people to ‘Opt In’ was a catch all for getting as many records on the datasbase as possible.     Read that posting by clicking HERE.       Clients were of course given an option of ‘Opting Out’ of the scheme, however to do that you had to return a form to the NHS requesting that they send you an ‘Opt Out’ form for you to complete and then return to them, what a load of messing about that is.

Anyway I made it clear I was going to ‘Opt Out’ and promptly returned my request for an ‘Opt out form’ to the NHS, this I did on the 26th March, then I waited and waited and waited and waited, until finally today over 16 weeks later I receive a slip telling me that ‘ I Recently Requested….  16 weeks, recent, I don’t think so?  and also that the forms are out of stock!  (see pic above).    Is it that the demand for ‘Opting Out’ is so high, or is it simply another ruse by the NHS to make it as difficult as possible to ‘Opt Out’ of this scheme?    Whatever the reason it is totally unacceptable.

Strangley, for some reason I thought this would happen, so I have downloaded the form and sent it to my GP.        If you want to download an ‘Opt Out form’ you can get one by clicking Here


My congratulations go to Cllr Dave Mitchell, Lib Dem Eastham, who was today elected as Chairman of the Mersey Port Heath Authority, a position previously held by New Labour Cllr, Ron Abbey.    Dave also replaces Ron Abbey on the National Association of Port Health Authorities.    Now what were the words of Cllr Abbey at the Merseytravel AGM, oh yes:  Business is business