Not for Me Thanks!

Readers may recall my posting a few days ago about the possibility of a new Sports Bar (The Crossbar) being opened on the site of the former Sorella’s Wine bar in Upton Road.   It appears that the Council has granted what are known as ‘Temporary Event Notices’ (TEN’s) to the applicant whilst they wait for their licensing application to be heard sometime mid to late July.  

The TEN’s are valid I am told for the following days Friday 18th through to Monday 21st June (Incl) Wednesday 23rd through to Saturday 26th June (Incl), 28th June through to the 01st July (incl), and 3rd July to 5th July (incl), a total of 15 days licensable activities.  On each day the premises can be open from 10am until 12 midnight.        

I hear that there has beeen some police activity at the premises and I understand an arrest?      Now normally I would just alert people to the application, as I did in my original posting and If necessary I may make afew comments myself to the Licensing Department about the application, as I have done on this occasion but only in relation to the late hours requested for a Friday and Saturday nights.     However in view of the police intervention on a temporary license, already, and because I have had sight of the damning police representation to the permanent  license application, I will be changing my comments to the Licensing Department and I will be asking Wirral’s Licensing Panel not to grant a license to the applicants for a license at these premises.


23 thoughts on “Not for Me Thanks!

  1. Think this is warranted, Chris – drove past the place yesterday and the people spilling out on to the pavement was very reminiscent of the sights the Plough used to greet us with on many an occasion – not for me either, thanks!

  2. Much like the local home-grown World Cup supporter, so-called Sports Bars are just a poorly-disguised attempt to put a healthy-sounding ‘spin’ on what is really just an excuse (if one were needed) to behave even more noisily and obnoxiously than they normally do.

    As I wrote in my previous post, the closest most of the customers of these places get to “sport” is to see who can get the furthest from Moreton Cross at closing time before they throw up in someone’s front garden.

    Not for me either!

    My plan: Demolish the Plough and make a reasonably-priced car park. This will attract some decent shops back into Moreton. Tescos can have Sorella’s Wine Bar if they really must.

  3. Excellent plan, John – a car park is definitely a must – and of course, Sorella’s was a Spar previously!

  4. John, Mike, whilst a car park may be an excellent plan, we have to remember that this is private land and the Council would not have any input other than through the planning process in what happens on the site.

  5. The £20,000 “You Decide” money for the area wouldn’t cover it then? ! 🙂

    Seriously, I have no idea of the price tag on the Plough but I take it there’s no way a Council run “get our money back in parking fees eventually” car park could ever be a possibility?

  6. Yes the police came on Saturday but again if you check the facts you would find out that the licensing sergeant had made a MISTAKE WITH THE TEMPORY LICENCE AND ONCE THE CHECKS WERE MADE CAME BACK AND APOLOGIZED, We are working very closly with the police and have a anti drugs campaign running, there are signs up in the bar about drugs and under no circumstances will anyone be doing drugs on the premises.

  7. Andrea, I am aware of that, however I understand one of the customers was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, not a good advert for the clientele frequenting the premises! Drugs, I don’t recall mentioning drugs in any of my postings, STRANGE THAT YOU HAVE MADE SUCH A PROTESTATION? All in all, from what I have witnessed personally (from the outside that is), with people all over the pavement drinking, smoking, and leaving a mess I don’t believe licensing these premises is a good idea. As I see it, it is just moving a problem from one part of Moreton to another!

  8. It is my belief that every new buisness should be given a chance, if all were objected to then what a sorry sight Moreton would be, as so many fast food take aways are appearing around Moreton surely it makes good buisness sense to provide alternative buisnesses to provide customers for these new buisnesses. As a member of the public who has concerns about matters raised in previous comments I have actually been in the bar probably just to have a nosey really, I was quite pleasantly surprised to find it really pleasant in there, the staff were friendly and polite the seating area was clean, tidy and well layed out the toilets were clean, I could find no fault inside the premises, but as a non smoker I am sure many will agree it is not pleasant to see the sight of people standing around any doorway to a have smoke, but this is not just restricted to public houses or bars it aplies to all public places who unfortunately have smokers on their premises who have to leave the buildings since the no smoking ban came into affect, but I suppose they are all abiding to the law, as long as adequit cigerette bins are provided I dont think this is a problem, I do think the amount of pigeon droppings by Chadwick Street crossing where another fast food shop will be openig is more of a problem though. I also cannot see what the link between the Plough Inn and the Cross Bar are as it is Enterprise Inns who are having all the dealings with Tesco Express and its application for demolishing the building to build yet another supermarket which is not needed in Moreton and also cannot understand what £20,000 it is that “John” is refering to?

  9. Chrids i was stating a point that we are complying with everything the police are asking us to do, we want to run a respectable bar where people can come and watch alll the big games, it appears you are trying to tarnish everything i say….. well done Chris your doing a great job as a councillor so let us do ours.

  10. I would also like to know what this £20,000 is too ….. another made up tale i guess???? Like Jayne said its Enterprise Inns that sold the land without even informing the landlord and still to this day have not formally told him.

  11. Andrea, the £20,000 is a sum the Council provides for communities to decide how it is spent in their areas, nothing made up about that it is a fact.

  12. Andrea, I think you have to recognise that it is YOU who is defending issues that I am not even raising, that says a lot to me, oh and don’t worry I will continue to ‘a great job’ as a Councillor for as long as the electorate of
    Moreton want me to. As for allowing you to do your job, that of course will be a decision made by Wirral’s Licensing Panel, not me.

  13. like you said Chris lets agree to disagree, we are getting nowhere here. I do wish you well in your job and yes you are a good councillor but really why do you twist everything i have the right to say. Of course i am defending myself as i want this bar to work…. if given the chance.

  14. andrea

    I would also like to know what this £20,000 is too ….. another made up tale i guess????

    £20,000 is allocated to each area and comments are invited from residents for how it might be spent. There’s a tendency to miss these things if you wear blinkers. 🙂

    I have no idea of the “inns” and outs of who owns what or who has been bought out by whom. But it’s a shame that Councils everywhere seem powerless to prevent Tesco buying up every plot of land whether they’ve got advance planning permission or not.

    My “plan” was simply something that would have made a lot more sense for the wider well-being of Moreton, imho.

    I understand Chris’s point about it being a transaction between private landowners. My comment about the £20,000 (complete with smilie) was simply to say it’s a great pity the Council aren’t able to intervene and buy the plot themselves to act in a way that would benefit everyone in Moreton (residents and businesses) and not just a self-centred few.

  15. Andrea, to be clear, I don’t believe I am twisting anything you are saying, however some of your comments defending issues do concern me! I want every new business in Moreton to succeed, I don’t want to see empty shops and dereliction, I want Moreton to be a thriving busy and succesful town, after all it is where I live. So if the Crossbar gets its licence, prove me wrong, show me that I was wrong to have concerns, one thing about me is that if I get it wrong, I will be the first to apologise. So you are right, for the moment lets agree to disagree and see what the future brings.

  16. Thank you to all concerned for informing me about the £20, 000, I was a bit confused and thought that “somebody” not “something” would be receiving this money which I wouldn’t have found appropriate but thank you for clearing that up. If Tesco have bought the land which the Plough Inn is situated off Enterprise Inns does that mean that if planning permission is denied that there is a chance for the council to purchase the land, then put up for public debate what to use the land for? I personaly think this would be the better of all options that are around at the moment. It is nice to read Mr Blakeley that if the Cross Bar gets the license that you are prepared to give it your backing if the people concerned can prove themselves, that shows that you are prepared to give another buisness in Moreton a chance to become established and lets hope all concerned don’t let you down, as stated by yourself no one likes to see closed and derelict shops, buisnessess and buildings. As a resident of Moreton for 44 years I didn’t realise that there were funds available for the council to be able to improve our town lets hope that the right decisions are made and Moreton becomes a more inviting town.

  17. John,
    the £20,000 “you decide” fund…where do you have to go to to have a say on where this fund can best be spent for the better of the town and community. thank you. Jayne

  18. “You Decide”:

    My concern about Tesco is they seem to be in the business of the “opportunity buying” of spare land and vacant lots.

    It’s not clear what happens to the land if/when planning permission is refused but I’m betting they don’t grab it in the first place for altruistic reasons!

  19. John
    thank you for reply,
    I do hope that when a decision is made about the Tesco planning application that the views of all local buisnessess and residents truly are heard, I also hope that the Cross Bar receives support from the locals but only if they can prove themselves.

  20. You’re welcome 🙂 Just for clarity, perhaps I should say that I’m just an “ordinary” resident with a bit more time on my hands these days to spot these things. I was born in Stavordale Road long before the flats but only moved back recently after a 25 year absence due to work. I remembered shops with chaarcter like Vidors Electrical, Sharps the grocers and Mortimer’s the bike and toy shop. How different it is now! Little else but fast food takeaways, betting shops, charity shops and the like.

    I don’t begrudge anyone trying to earn a living but my sort of pub has an open fire and the landlord’s dog sits on your feet by the hearth! So, I’m sorry, but I DON’T welcome brash chromium-plated, lager-soaked establishments (whether drugs are done in the toilets or not).

    It seems to me that Moreton is trapped in no-man’s land between the affluent Wirral West (who can fend for themselves) and the area the the East of the M53 (which seems to get the greatest proportion of TLC from the Council). The shops in Moreton seem to stumble along by chance events rather than there being any overall Council strategy to encourage a decent coherent development of shops which appeal to everyone instead of the minority 30-something age group.

  21. I also remember Moreton as it use to be, my mum was one of the 1st residents in Knutsford Green, and my uncle Tom was “the Tom Cowper” who had his shop(where the computor shop is) with his minors bird and everything else in it, probably the supermarket of his day, but then them times are in the past and unfortunately time moves on (too quickly sometimes) I would like to see most new ventures make a success of themselves ie. The Crossbar, as I am one who thinks everyone should have a fair crack of the whip and if it works then good and if it doesn’t then lets find something that does. I would love to have the idealistic comforts of a pub as John describes, that would take me back but unfortunately modern society would not appriceate it, so modern times need modern buisnessess and sensible people to run them. Oh what a lovely society we could live in if people were listening to us.

  22. Stop it, all this nostalgia, you are making me feel old! PS I remember Mortimers and Woolies

  23. In an age when the great british pub is in decline, with year after year of tax hikes and draconion laws forcing smokers to go outside, you’ve got to give somone 10 out of 10 to have the guts and determination to open a new bar, the multi national Tesco of the pub game is just a stones throw away from were Ken Hopkins shop was.

    Weatherspoon’s Mock Begger Hall on Hoylake Road offers cheap bear to the Moreton comunity, who most of them on a night out round the cross will visit every public house, after over 35 years of going for a night out in moreton at the weekend, 1 of the best nights iv’e ever had was in the Plough new years eve 2008.

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