Makes the Job Worthwhile!

the inside of the card. (I have removed the address and surname)

Today I received a lovely thank you card from constituents who I recently helped, that card and the thought really is what makes being a Councillor worthwhile.

It was a strange request for help when I received a telephone call at about 9:30pm on a Friday night from a mum who was concerned that her daughters wedding day would be ruined by Colas who had announced that evening that they would be resurfacing the road the next day, yes her daughters big day.      Anyway I made a call to the Director of Technical Services, Dave Green and with his help and the assistance of Colas her daughters wedding day went off without disturbance.

So while I accept the thanks, I accept it on behalf of Dave Green and Colas who both played their part in not spoiling Zoes day.

Tesco at the Plough – Recommended for Approval!

Readers of the blog and the wider Moreton community will be aware that Tesco’s have applied for permission to demolish the Plough Public House and build a Tesco Express on the site.     I have just seen the report that Wirral’s Planning Officers have produced their recommendation to approve the application.   You can read that report by clicking HERE

Last Friday I attended a meeting of local businesses and residents.   It was clear that all those at that meeting opposed the application.   Read more on that here.    You can also read what the wirral Globe has to say by clicking here.

Gas Mains Replacement in Moreton!

Last year we suffered disruption to traffic on Hoylake Road as a result of United Utilities replaceing the water main.    This year starting in July, National Grid are replacing the gas main, causing further disruption.    Below you will see the notification I have received.  It seems it is not just Hoylake Road, but it is some side roads as well, two of which have just been resurfaced by the Council.

National Grid is undertaking a major programme of gas mains replacement – in total, we are spending £96m on replacing 585km of metal mains with modern plastic pipe across the North West in the current financial year. The gas pipes which run beneath the streets of Moreton have served us well but is is now time to replace them.     We know that this will inevitably cause disruption to your constituents, but the new gas pipes are designed to last at least 80 years once they are in the ground.

The work in your constituency will start on Monday 26th July and will take between six and eight weeks to complete and will largely be carried out during the school summer holidays to minimise disruption.

The streets which will be affected are Hoylake Road, Digg Lane, Rosslyn Drive, Barnston Lane, Chadwick Street & Holt Avenue.

There will be no road closures on the scheme, however, there will be two/ three way lights in operation where necessary to ensure the safety of the teams on site, road users and pedestrians.

Our intention is to start work at the junction of Chadwick Street and continue to the junction of Holt Avenue.     Then, while this stretch is being reinstated, we will move onto Rosslyn Drive.    Once that is complete, we will move back to the junction of Holt Avenue and continue with all works along Hoylake road until completion.

In total, we will be replacing 412 metres of gas main and, where possible, will be inserting the new pipe into the existing main to reduce the need for excavations.

Jeanette Unsworth
Regional Communications Adviser
Media and Regional Communications
Corporate Affairs
National Grid

Out of office hours call 0800 111 999 and ask for the duty press officer

Tesco’s at the Plough?

Earlier this evening I attended a public meeting at Paninos Coffe Shop in Moreton.   The meeting, to discuss the planning application for a Tesco Express on the site of the Plough, was called by local traders, and it was well attended with around 60 people, both from businesses and the local community.    It was clear that all those in attendance were opposed to the application.       In my role as a Councillor, I was able to advise on the planning process and valid reasons for objecting to the application.    As a way forward I suggested it would be worth asking for a site visit, when the application is to be considered by Wirral’s Planning Committee on Tuesday 6th July.    For more news on this, watch this space………

Merseyside Integrated Transport Authority AGM (Merseytravel)

Today at 2:30pm  I will be attending my fourth Merseyside Integrated Transport Authority (MITA) Annual General Meeting, being held at Merseytravel Headquarters in Hatton Garden in Liverpol.    Amongst other things the AGM determines the make up of the committee structure for the coming year.  

This year, perhaps more than any other year, and in view of the financial difficulties that the ITA, as well as the country is facing I believe we as elected members need to lead by example and show that we are prepared to reduce the cost of politics within our organisation, by making changes to the Special Responsibility Allowances paid to Councillors.    

I believe we have an opportunity to send a message to the public we serve by making some very simple and sensible changes to the committee structure, that will save between £25,000 and £35,000 a year, on a total cost of some £150,000 currently paid .      This afternoon it is my intention to move an amendment from the floor that will, if supported make substantial savings.     Will the Authority, led and controlled by New Labour stalwort Mark Dowd agree to support these sensible changes?   We will find out this afternoon.  

The AGM is a public meeting so if you want to come along to see what goes on feel free to do so.

Not for Me Thanks!

Readers may recall my posting a few days ago about the possibility of a new Sports Bar (The Crossbar) being opened on the site of the former Sorella’s Wine bar in Upton Road.   It appears that the Council has granted what are known as ‘Temporary Event Notices’ (TEN’s) to the applicant whilst they wait for their licensing application to be heard sometime mid to late July.  

The TEN’s are valid I am told for the following days Friday 18th through to Monday 21st June (Incl) Wednesday 23rd through to Saturday 26th June (Incl), 28th June through to the 01st July (incl), and 3rd July to 5th July (incl), a total of 15 days licensable activities.  On each day the premises can be open from 10am until 12 midnight.        

I hear that there has beeen some police activity at the premises and I understand an arrest?      Now normally I would just alert people to the application, as I did in my original posting and If necessary I may make afew comments myself to the Licensing Department about the application, as I have done on this occasion but only in relation to the late hours requested for a Friday and Saturday nights.     However in view of the police intervention on a temporary license, already, and because I have had sight of the damning police representation to the permanent  license application, I will be changing my comments to the Licensing Department and I will be asking Wirral’s Licensing Panel not to grant a license to the applicants for a license at these premises.


After a few weeks break to recover after the rigours and strains of the General and Local Elections the team have started to deliver our latest Community Newsline to Moreton and Saughall Massie.   

The Newsline is delivered free by volunteers and Chris, Simon and Steve to over 6,500 homes in the ward.     Watch out for your copy dropping through your letterbox.