Sorry does not Cut it!

Thousands of people in the Moreton and Leasowe area had their water supplies cut off at 8pm last night without any notification by the ‘Giant that is United Utilities’ (UU).   Some like me have been lucky and have their water supply restored, yet thousands, including schools, businesses and many of the most vulnerable in our society are still without water.

UU promised us that if are water supply was to be off for a major repair we would be notified by having a card (like the one on the left) delivered to us, yet we know learn that 6,000 homes were not carded, yet lost their water supply without that warning, and therefore were not prepared!

Last night I tried to get hold of a UU senior manager, but sadly all I got was fobbed off by the Call Centre, dont get me wrong the operator was very polite and very professional, but would not let me speak to a senoir manager.     This morning I received a call from their ‘Complaints Escalation Department’  (Seems senior managers are still hiding from me) and all I could get was a sorry.    Well UU heres a message for you, SORRY is simply not acceptable.   

I would have thought that in the 21st century, a company such as UU, who make millions of £’s profit year on year with their exhorbitant water charges would be able to act in a more professional manner.  Seems to me that all they are interested in is profit at the expense of their customer, and when it goes wrong they simply say sorry and thats it!     It’s time this out of control giant known as UU was held to account, they simply cannot continue to do what they want at the expense of us, after all we pay huge amounts for this service!


3 thoughts on “Sorry does not Cut it!

  1. Thanks for the picture of a UU disconnection card – it would appear to be the only way we are likely to see what one looks like……….

  2. Yet another example of the sheer arrogance of these large utilities who think it is acceptable to extort money from us to boost their profits but show no consideration to their customers. It is not that long ago that they were causing major road chaos in Moreton so what has gone wrong this time.? Do you think that UU will be offering any compensation to those households who were greatly inconvenienced by their total inefficiency. I would say, don’t hold your breath.

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