United Utilities a DISGRACE!

Earlier this week, along with the other Wallasey Councillors I was notified, via email, by United Utilities  Public Affairs Manager that due to a water mains repair in Reeds Lane, thousands of homes would be without water from 8pm tonight (Thursday 20th May) until 6am in the morning.    We were all told in that email that:  “Notices will be delivered to properties affected by the shut off.”  Well that was totally untrue!

I did not receive a card, neither did hundreds, if not thousands of people who live in this area, so no one in this area thought they were going to be affected by the shut off, and did not take precautions to fill kettles etc .    How wrong we all were, yep our water has gone off as well.   I will manage, but I fear for the elderly and the vulnerable who will have no water, who worry about their central heating systems, who wont be able to have a hot drink, or flush their toilets, simply because United Utilities failed to keep their promise to notify people.

I called the hotline number to be told that they did not think the shut off would affect us!   Are they really so naive that they think they will believe them.    When I asked to speak to a senior manager I was told none were available, when I suggested that they contact one they said they did not have contact numbers?    What a disgraceful kop out, what a disgraceful and dismissive way to deal with people, what a totally uncaring outfit they are.    They really should hang their heads in shame.

I have telephoned Dave Green (the Councils Director of Technical Services) at home, and asked that he writes to UU’s Chief Executive asking for a full explanation of what has gone on.   I will also be asking the relevant Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee to call UU in and hold them to account over this disgraceful and unacceptable situation.


6 thoughts on “United Utilities a DISGRACE!

  1. There’s just been a report on BBC North West Today (8am) that, instead of being re-instated by 0600, the water is now likely to be off until midday.

    (For the record, the water is still on at my location but at slightly reduced pressure)

  2. A similar thing happened in Eastham a few years ago. As I walked round to the local shop for the morning paper (unwashed and unshaven), I saw a group of engineers huddled round a large drawing laid out on the ground. One told me that the isolation valves didn’t isolate the parts that they’d expected and “the only bloke who knew where the lines ran had retired last month” ! A great way to run the area’s “life blood” – not!

  3. it is now the afternoon 1.00pm and still no water for my household in leasowe i have one bottle of water left. i have 2 children a 2year old and 8 months what am i going to do when this bottle runs out its a hot day and my children need to drink and eat. i find this shut off a pain and i am very upset.

  4. I have just had my water come through now, brown and piddly but hey its water. Oh and the time 12 midnight on 21/22nd May. Time since I had a wash, Thursday 6.30a.m. Number of notifications issued to me, zero. Number of lies and misleading info on UUwebsites and UUautomated telephones too numerous to count. Number of street corners stood on waiting for bottled water to arrive 5. Eventually got six bottles at 10 to 12 on corner of Broadway and Claremont, but only because the water guy was good enough to go back to his depot for another batch. When he came back he said that was all they had. What bugs me most is not that the repair needed doing, but the wearisome lies, the misleading website and the automated telephone. Some people were told the truth, my friend knew at 12 midday that her water would not be back on till 6 and it came on at 6.

  5. Something else that needs sorting out is that, if you have a meter, you have to pay for the muddy water that needs to be run off.

    Law unto themselves springs to mind.

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