Tesco World!

TESCO has submitted a planning application to build a new store at Moreton Cross, on the site of the Plough Pub.     The plan, if approved, would see The Plough demolished.     Last month, approval was given for a new Aldi store on the site of the Three Counties Car Sales on Hoylake Road.    Losing the Plough is no hardship as it sends completely the wrong message to people coming into Moreton, however traffic and in particular parking could be an issue for Tesco’s at this location.   Moreton Cross is gridlocked at certain times of the day and there is clearly a need for more parking in the Town.   To see the details of the application, click here.


4 thoughts on “Tesco World!

  1. I looked at the plans a week or two ago and, from memory, there is a very small number of parking spaces within Tesco – even fewer when a delivery is expected.

    If the Tesco at Millhouse Lane is anything to go by, there won’t be anything like enough spaces at the peak shopping times – which correspond exactly with the peak traffic times. There’s a real danger of traffic backing up onto the road as traffic in the car park juggles for position.

    Negotiating the roundabout is hairy enough as it is at busy times without the added distraction of traffic entering and leaving a car park virtually on the curve of the roundabout’s exit.

  2. I would be the first to agree that anything would be better that “The Plough” and the fact that it is prepared to be bought out is a plus; having said that a Super Market like Tesco – I don’t think is the answer. The parking/traffic would be absolute -chaos. It is comforting that something could be built there though! I think many people in Moreton would be glad to see it demolished – even left vacant would be better than it is now.

  3. The Plough in moreton is a magnet for the local dossers & benefit bashers ! , tesco would be a welcome sight to moreton , the new crossbar is just a new version of the plough trying to modern it self just a place for the local hooligan who hasnt yet got HD tv !!

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