New Labour Activist Congratulates Conservatives!

Earlier this evening I facilitated a meeting for local residents who live on and around Millhouse Lane with Council Officers and the local police.   The meeting was arranged as a result of road safety concerns following the second accident when a car ran into a house causing extensive damage.

The meeting was attended by about 50 people and started off with a Labour activist trying to politicise a non political meeting, he was soon put in his place, and at the end of the meeting shook my hand and said we were doing a great job.   Seems he and his wife appear in one of Angela’s New Labour leaflets, but secretly support the tories, oh dear!

Anyway the meeting was very positive with Council Officers taking on board all the concerns of residents, and promising to look at what can be done in the short-term whilst they carry out traffic surveys.     There will be a further meeting in a couple of months when Council Officers will report back.     Thanks to Phil the boss of the Millhouse for letting us use the pub, to the Council Officers,  David and  Chris, and to Gemma and Laura from Merseyside Police, but the biggest thanks go to the residents who turned up and showed just what  a community coming together can achieve.


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