Deja Vu!

Cllr Blakeley at the location of the accident

Late this afternoon I received a telephone call from a concerned local resident of Millhouse Lane.   The resident informed me of  yet another serious crash in Millhouse Lane, and sadly it was it was at the exact location of the bus accident on the 23rd December,  last year, when a bus crashed into a house extension causing severe damage.     The residents of the house  had only just started rebuliding the extension, and then this happens, not only causing damage to the extension but this time to the main structure.    

Along with Cllr Steve Williams, I attended the scene, and we spoke with many residents who, like us,  have real concerns about speeding traffic and  road safety in Millhouse Lane.  

First thing on Monday we will be asking the Council’s Highways Officers to attend a site meeting with us and local residents to discuss first hand, what action, if any, the Council will take to slow traffic here.     On this occasion, as on the last, fortunately no one was badly injured, however we should not have to wait for a serious inury, or worse before the  Council takes action at this location.


6 thoughts on “Deja Vu!

  1. Chris.

    I believe you were around earlier this evening with a petition. Unfortunately I was out but I would like to add my name to the petition. Millhouse Lane is being a race track and a dangerous place to be! If you require any further information please contact me either by e-mail or on 01516050983.

    I also have another personal concern….. the bus stop right outside my house…although it has been there many years and I complained to the council when it first appear (as if by magic) I got absolutely nowhere. I am now retired and have time to sit in my lounge in the afternoon and realise that this bus stop, which used to be just a single pole, obstruct the view – right in the middle of lounge window; to say nothing of people looking in whilst waiting for the bus. I find it a real intrusion now and wonder if there is anything that can be done to get it moved. Originally it was named ‘Broster/Millhouse ‘and should have been sited further up, also when a bus is there it obstructs the view of people coming from Carr House Lane and is another potential danger spot on Millhouse. I would be grateful for any help or advice you can give me. Regards

    Barbara MacLeod

  2. Dear Mrs Macleod
    Thank you for your comment and I will indeed add your name to the petition. With regarcd to the bus stop I will contact you direct in order to look at this and see what, if anything can be done. Best wishes, Cllr Chris Blakeley

  3. Chris

    I am the home-owner of that destroyed house and I am currently having to rent a property for approx 6 months whilst my house that I have invested a lot of time effort and hard earned cash into is rebuilt.

    I am saddened to see (after a visit to my home) that as yet (apart from traffic monitoring equipment and a digital speed read out monitor, which clearly isnt working as some boy racer?? not a young boy racer may I add, a middle aged gent, went roaring up Millhouse lane) nothing seems to have been agreed with the local authority/police.

    Can you advise us the “local residents” as to where you and our other local councillors are upto with arranging the road safety of Millhouse Lane?

    This matter is a very serious one! as yet no-one has been killed, but it is only a matter of time. upto now it has only devasted and nearly ruined my family! What is it going to take for someone to get something done????

    Oh and by the way as I wasnt informed of the meeting that you had? could you please add my name to the current petition.

    Many thanks

  4. Hi Lee. first of allow me to apologise that you did not receive an invite to the meeting at the Millhouse Pub, I did not know how to get in touch with you. When I was at the pub someone gave me a piece of piece with your mobile number on, however that was clearly too late. (It would be helpful to me for the future if you would let me have all your contact details).

    At the meeting it was agreed by the Highways Engineers to gather information by way of the traffic survey (which has now taken place) and based on that information and other investigations they would look at what could be done to try to alleviate the problems in this area.

    As local Councillors we have started a door to door petition, as well as personally distributing a survey to almost 1,000 homes in the area along with a reply paid envelope seeking people’s views. We also arranged for the mobile speed indicator device to be positioned in Millhouse Lane on two occasions, and I am aware that Merseyside Police have carried out speed gun sessions.

    As you will witness from our pro-active approach we are taking this matter exceptionally seriously, road safety in Moreton and Saughall Massie is one of our main priorities and we treat it as such.

    Going forward, I understand the Road Safety Officer for the Council, David Rees is currently looking at the survey results and working on a design scheme for Millhouse Lane, he will be bringing that back to a future public meeting which we will hold again early evening in the Millhouse Pub on a date to be determined, but I would hope it would be in the next 3 to 4 weeks, earlier if at all possible.

    As soon as I have further information I will let you have it, and we will ensure the whole estate is kept informed of developments.

  5. Hi Chris

    I am unsure if you received my last email, regarding the appearance of the “SLOW” sign and the “Give Way” marks on Millhouse Lane/Tanworth Grove as I have not received a response?

    However, can I add that I am disappointed to see that, the Council’s decision was to “paint the road” and not install any type of barrier on that corner, (do they think for one moment the speeding motorist even sees the “SLOW” sign), I have been at my property on many occassions since this painting has been done and can advise you that this has made no difference what so ever!!.

    I would like to thank you, however, on the work that you have done for the Millhouse residents on this issue upto date though!

    Me and my family are (hopefully) due to move back into our property in November and would appreciate your help in getting the Council to protect me and my family by installing something that will act as a barrier from the road, flying buses and cars and my house.

    The other issue I would like to raise, is that a couple of years ago a bus stop (sign on landpost) was erected outside my drive gates (blocking my access rights to my drive). I contacted merseytravel advising them of this and asked why we were not involved in the decision to put it there, I was told that they didn’t have to as was only a temporary stop and that they had already moved it once from outside some-ones front door up the road??. As we now know, this is a major hazard, with any sudden braking of a bus or “black ice” on the corner, causes major damage and upset (maybe next time someone may be seriously hurt or even killed!) as there is always people and school children standing outside my house waiting for the bus to appear., so please Chris help me to get this “stop” moved to a more safer place.


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