Deja Vu!

Cllr Blakeley at the location of the accident

Late this afternoon I received a telephone call from a concerned local resident of Millhouse Lane.   The resident informed me of  yet another serious crash in Millhouse Lane, and sadly it was it was at the exact location of the bus accident on the 23rd December,  last year, when a bus crashed into a house extension causing severe damage.     The residents of the house  had only just started rebuliding the extension, and then this happens, not only causing damage to the extension but this time to the main structure.    

Along with Cllr Steve Williams, I attended the scene, and we spoke with many residents who, like us,  have real concerns about speeding traffic and  road safety in Millhouse Lane.  

First thing on Monday we will be asking the Council’s Highways Officers to attend a site meeting with us and local residents to discuss first hand, what action, if any, the Council will take to slow traffic here.     On this occasion, as on the last, fortunately no one was badly injured, however we should not have to wait for a serious inury, or worse before the  Council takes action at this location.