On The Knocker

Tonight 15 of us met up at Leah Fraser’s Campaign Centre in Seaview Road to go out knocking on doors in Liscard.    We split into three teams of five and set off to cover a tremendous amount of ground in a couple of hours, thankfully the weather stayed dry until about 7:45pm when the rain set in.    Time then to all meet up in Wetherspoons in Liscard for a drink.    The team I was in, led by Ian Lewis, also consisted of Lesley Rennie, Kate Wood and Sue (i’m getting my roots done on Thursday) Taylor, we are all pictured above.   The returns show a tremendous amount of support for Leah, it seems almost everyone wants to see a new MP representing Wallasey and Moreton in Westminster.   Time for change…..

It is Finally Time For Change!

Well Gordon has finally been to see the Queen (Better late than never) he has hung on for almost as long as he could, such is his ego and his desire to contol this nation.    Well it is now up to the great British public to make their choice on May 6th.

I would like to wish all the Conservative candidates the very best of luck, and in particular, our candidate, Leah Fraser to end the 18 year reign of Angela Eagle.    Clearly Wallasey Labour are rattled as can be seen by their smear, fear and negative campaigning methods.     One thing is for certain Sister Mary & her motley Wallasey crew, Salter, Coates, Abbey, Jones, McArdle, Eagle will, hopefully, all be held accountable on May 6th. http://bit.ly/b8JuVD   VOTE FOR CHANGE!