New Labour – Same Old Same Old!

As the date for the local and General elections get closer and closer so New Labour start getting dirtier and dirtier, it seems that they have nothing positive to say so all they can do is attack the Conservatives.     However their latest leaflet entitled ‘Moreton News’ does not mention the Labour Party, has no links to the MP, Angela Eagle, does  not mention their local government candidate, or Gordon Brown, seems that whilst they want to attack us, they don’t want the public to realise it is them.    Whats up guys, ashamed of your dirty tactics?    The giveaway is the imprint!       Their leaflet does mention a local GP, Dr Suraj Sharma, not local to Moreton, or even Wirral, he is based in Kirkdale?.    Dr Sharma is also a former Labour Councillor for Granby Ward in Toxteh, who lost his seat to the Lib Dems in 2004.   HOW  DESPERATE ARE WALLASEY LABOUR?    It’s also a pity Wallasey New Labour can’t spell Saughall (hey guys its not Saugahll).    Now what did Tony Blair say?   Education, Education, Education.