Deja Vu!

Cllr Blakeley at the location of the accident

Late this afternoon I received a telephone call from a concerned local resident of Millhouse Lane.   The resident informed me of  yet another serious crash in Millhouse Lane, and sadly it was it was at the exact location of the bus accident on the 23rd December,  last year, when a bus crashed into a house extension causing severe damage.     The residents of the house  had only just started rebuliding the extension, and then this happens, not only causing damage to the extension but this time to the main structure.    

Along with Cllr Steve Williams, I attended the scene, and we spoke with many residents who, like us,  have real concerns about speeding traffic and  road safety in Millhouse Lane.  

First thing on Monday we will be asking the Council’s Highways Officers to attend a site meeting with us and local residents to discuss first hand, what action, if any, the Council will take to slow traffic here.     On this occasion, as on the last, fortunately no one was badly injured, however we should not have to wait for a serious inury, or worse before the  Council takes action at this location.

The week just gone!

Sorry about the lack of posts, but the amount of time, work and effort that I, and my colleagues are putting into the election campaigns, sadly leaves no time for regular updates.

Suffice it to say that the campaign to elect Leah Fraser as the next MP for Wallasey and Moreton is in full swing, with lots of people helping every day, delivering, canvassing, talking to mums and dads at school gates etc etc.    Clearly the Labour candidate is a worried person, however as she has very little support in Wallasey she is having to rely on help coming in from Liverpool and Birkenhead.    In fact only yesterday, Liscard shopping area was like a ‘Jolly Boys’ outing for Birkenhead Labour!    One Labour Councillor, a Cabinet Member said.   “It’s a knife edge here’   Praise indeed for our campaign, roll on May 6th – VOTE FOR CHANGE!

The Weeks Round Up!

As we all know, Gordon Brown announced on Tuesday that the  general election would be held on the same day as the local elections, Thursday May 6th.      In Wallasey and Moreton we have been campaigning hard week in week out, canvassing and delivering continually over the years, however as soon as the election was announced the campaign was upped a couple of gears, with the week having increased canvassed sessions, more deliveries, etc etc.     This last week I have either been in the office, delivering leaflets or knocking on doors, all that on top of six meetings at Merseytravel and a Standards assessment panel at the Council.    The week ahead sees much of the same, and I don’t expect to be seeing home too early each night.     I am not complaining, I will do whatever it takes to get shut of Salter, Coates, Sister Mary, Abbey, Jones, McArdle and Angela Eagle.     May 6th cannot come soon enough – TIME FOR CHANGE!

Takeaway? Bookies?

A couple of months ago, despite objections planning permission was granted for the 11th takeaway around Moreton Cross, at the old Lauries Jewellers Shop at 233, Hoylake Road.       Today I have discovered that another planning application has been submitted for this shop, this time for a change of use to a Bookmakers.   Details below:

Application number: APP/10/00350, Date Registered: 07/04/2010

Applicant: Sportsbook Ltd, Agent: K D H Design Services Ltd

Location: Lauries the Jewellers, 233 HOYLAKE ROAD, MORETON, CH46 0PF.     Proposal: Change of use to a licensed betting office

Which would you prefer?   Comment on this posting or email me by clicking HERE

Nominations Closed

Lunchtime today saw the close of nominations for the local government elections on the 6th May.     Here in Moreton West and Saughall Massie we have my colleague, Cllr Simon Mountney (Local Conservatives) seeking reelection, we also have the usual suspects, New Labour, Green, UKIP, Lib Dem and sadly this year a BNP candidate!     I hope all parties join together to condemn such a far right party.     

Its also interesting to note that the promises made by Merseyside Trades Council leader, Alec McFadden to stand a candidate against every Labour and Lib Dem candidate who voted for the Strategic Assett Review has just been another publicity seeking empty promise made at the time, he and his Wirral Against The Cuts Party has not fielded one candidate in any seat.   The word Bull**** springs to mind.

To see a full list of candidates for the whole of the borough, click HERE

Good News – Council Will Say NO to Vodafone

Last month we blogged about the planning application by Vodafone for a telephone mast, cabinet and ancillary equipment to be installed adjacent to Linear Park on Town Meadow Lane.       The response from the public in opposing the application has been tremendous with over 30 individual objections and a petition of 136 signatures being submitted to Wirral’s Planning Department.

In addition to the residents objections, Cllr Simon Mountney, Leah Fraser, Cllr Steve Williams and me have been supporting local residents to convince planning officers that this application, for a mast, in an inappropriate location, should be refused. 

We are delighted to inform you that yesterday the Councils Development Control Manager, Matthew Davies, informed us that the application will be refused under delegated authority, which means that residents do not have to attend the Planning Committee meeting on the 22nd April.   See below for a copy of Mathew Davies email to me. 

We are very happy with this outcome, however the applicant does have the right of appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.   Should an appeal be submitted we will let people know as soon as possible.    We would like to thank to all those people who objected, those who collected signatures on the petition, as well as those who signed the petition.     This really is a victory for common sense.

From: Davies, Matthew W.
Sent: 07 April 2010 17:44
To: Blakeley, Chris (Councillor)
Cc: McDougall, Alexandra K.; Julie Carr; Williams, Stephen M. (Councillor); Mountney, Simon R. (Councillor)
Subject: RE: ANT/10/00325 – Telecom Mast at Town Meadow Lane, Moreton

Dear Councillor Blakeley, 

I have the application and will authorise the refusal as soon as the last date for comment has expired on 16 April 2010.  I will ensure that you are forwarded a copy of the Decision Notice for your records and that Mrs Carr, lead petitioner, is also sent a copy of the decision. 


Matthew Davies, Development Control Manager, Technical Services Department, Cheshire Lines Building, Canning Street, Birkenhead, WIRRAL CH41 1ND

Another Great Night on the Doorstep

The Leasowe Team: Karen Hayes, Paul Hayes, Lesley Rennie, Leah Fraser, Steve Smith, Chris Blakeley, Ian Lewis, Marg Kalil, Simon Mountney (thanks to James Keeley for taking the pic)

Tonight the teams were out and about across the constituency.   I joined a team of 10 on the former Labour stronghold, the Leasowe Estate.  Its clear from what we are hearing on the doorstep that people have had enough after 13 years of a New Labour government and 18 years of Angela Eagle, and they are crying out for change, and only the Conservatives can bring that change.   Check out the Liverpool Echo voting poll HERE